When pointless and stupid had a baby - introducing TwitterPeek

What fresh hell is this? I mean, this has to be one of those late night, pot-fuelled Photoshop mock-ups that somebody accidentally puts online, and then somebody accidentally starts manufacturing them, and then Amazon accidentally agrees to sell them? Right? Because there can be absolutely no evidence, scientific or anecdotal, to suggest that what the world needs is a wireless device for Twitter... and nothing else:

Bitterwallet - Twitterpeek? Fuck off.

So then. TwitterPeek is for that very special somebody who is so smitten with Twitter that they're just itching to blow £125 on a device that has no other functionality whatsoever, but isn't aware they can enjoy a better UI and feature set through any one of a dozen apps available on a myriad of handsets.

Puts Smart Phones and Twitter Apps to Shame!

This is presumably a definition of shame we haven't encountered before. Please enlighten us.

Unlimited Tweets!

Like that other well-known software... what's it called again? Oh yes. Twitter.

Best of all, you don't have to spend $100/month on an expensive smartphone data plan to get Twitter on-the-go.

I know of no person on the face of this or any other planet who pays $100 a month to use Twitter.

Why are my tweets showing up on my TwitterPeek?
Answer: TwitterPeek keeps track of your entire Tweetsphere, including your own tweets!

Like every other Twitter service, then?

How many Twitter accounts can I have on my TwitterPeek?
Answer: TwitterPeek allows you to register 1 Twitter account.


Can I follow and unfollow people using my TwitterPeek?
Answer: You can follow someone by opening a new tweet and typing in the letter "f" plus the username. There's no way to unfollow someone on your TwitterPeek, so you have to do that from a computer.


Can I browse the web on TwitterPeek?
Answer: No.

Can I email and text message with TwitterPeek?
Answer: No.

Please, just fuck the fuck off with your pointless, gimmicky, bandwagony, plasticy piece of pointless, thoughtless, useless shitware. That is all.


  • Chris
    'Fuck the fuck off' - quite simply the best thing I've read today.
  • James
    Wow so angry, reckon I will be shelving plans for the bitterwallet reader I was creating then.
  • Johnny F.
    bitterwallet reader... is it a piece of white paper and a pack of crayons?
  • Is n.
    I just read about this on twitter.
  • Gunn
    @James, what's the sales pitch for the BW reader :)
  • Nobby
    It's already got two reviews from people that don't own it.
  • marbleblue
    Mate, this is hilarious!
  • Jack
    HAha, excelelnt post
  • Late
    "Please, just fuck the fuck off with your pointless, gimmicky, bandwagony, plasticy piece of pointless, thoughtless, useless shitware. That is all." Beautifully put, sir!
  • lukekey
    class, what a pile of fuckety fuck fuck, that is all.
  • goon
    anyone who uses or thinks twitter is cool is a complete dick
  • No m.
    I just ordered one. They'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre great!
  • HB
    The pricing model is interesting: For $99 you get a device which works for six months, and for $199 you get a device which has a "lifetime" of service. If we assume the unit itself is, say, $50, then this implies they're expecting the company to go bust within 18 months. Or it could be that "lifetime" means the lifetime of the product (as suggested by a reviewer of their other quality product, the Peek email reader: http://www.amazon.com/Peek-Messaging-Lifetime-Service-Included/dp/B002MXXBKY/ref=sr_1_4/184-7833244-0674844?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1257496542&sr=8-4 ) - which is probably a week or two. Incidentally the email reader has a great review from someone who ditched their iPhone for one.
  • Leigh
    That's a quality post! Seriously ridiculous, unneeded piece of crap right there.
  • jp
  • Jeffrey A.
    I hope it comes to the UK quicker than the Kindle...
  • charlie
    this is so funny: http://www.amazon.com/TwitterPeek-Tweeting-Lifetime-Service-Included/product-reviews/B002R5AG50/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_txt/176-2887157-3274568?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 quote = "This has got to be the dumbest product to come out this year" lol best quote ever!
  • dunfyboy
    When you wrote "Please, just fuck the fuck off with your pointless, gimmicky, bandwagony, ..." I thought you were taking about Twitter.
  • uglonomimatorzerioporerpo

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