When is a Meatloaf not a Meatloaf? When it's Barry from Eastenders

Top work from London's Evening Standard newspaper today - they've gone and illustrated a story about roly-poly rock funster Meatloaf with a picture of actor Shaun Williamson dressed as Meatloaf in Stars In Their Eyes. Truly mind-blowing - well done the Standard!




  • @death_stairs
    HAHAHAHAHA! That is fantastic.
  • Mr A.
    Mistakes like this make me want to kill again.
  • jjames
    A stunned Barry from Eastenders later commented ... It's all coming back to me now ...
  • klingelton
    Wonder if the newspaper secured the rights from the person they stole the picture from before using it. If they did, I wonder what the conversation between the ED and the IP holder went like! ED: can we use that picture of meat loaf please. IP: sure!
  • The B.
    "Top work from London’s Evening Standard newspaper" Now there's a phrase never seen in the wild before, Standard "journalists" have long sought someone to use it but given their limited vocabulary and IQ they've never been able to express their thoughts coherently enough for anyone to be able to understand them.
  • Mike H.
    "Tonight Mathew, I'm going to be....................... Barry, from Eastenders!" "Ladies and Gentlemen, Meat Loaf as Barry, from Eastenders!!!..."
  • Dick
    Maybe they are right though .... often meatloaf (especially cheap crap bought from lidl) doesn't contain very much meat. Just like this one.

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