When building societies gave away disco records...

Remember when financial institutions pitched themselves as friendly people housed in warm, welcoming places? No? They did - honest!

Just look and listen to this 7” single that was given away by the Burnley Building Society in the late 1970s. Hear the sound of hope and optimism in the lyrics. Rejoice in the fact that they’re happy to dole out an actual free gift to their customers (as opposed to Barclays current in-branch ‘here’s some shit pens that we acknowledge you’ll probably nick’ strategy)

All in all, it’s not a bad song as well. So when did banks and building societies and their customers become sworn enemies, with a culture of mutual loathing? Why can’t we go back to these happier, simpler, funkier times? And why haven’t we mentioned that a pre-fame, pre-fatwa Salman Rushdie wrote the song until now? Who knows....


  • Peter F.
    I still have my Griffin Savers dictionary, badge, pencil case and set square from Midland Bank. Unused. And those ceramic pigs from NatWest. I got the lot, as my mates dad was a bank manager, back in the days when bank managers were more than just cashiers. I also had some calculators from NatWest - I think they had anaccount called "online" or something similar way before the internet was popular, that came with a black PVC wallet to keep your statments and paying in book, with slip in calculator.
  • SpudGunner
    I have all my Griffin savers stuff as well as my Barclays Bank money box (with safe dials on the back), and an Abbey National electronic organiser. No freebies nowadays sadly, I know that Barclays did a record with the Goonies as well I think. At least at Barclays we dont have chains hanging there with no pens on nowadays! I see Barclays pens all over the place being used in shops, by Students etc so cant be that bad really!
  • maxtweenie
    More Northern Soul than Disco if you ask me. And who ruined it by cutting in a shit video of Burnley beating Tottenham from a couple of years ago?
  • callum
    I have an HSBC money box "safe" lying around somewhere from an old childrens account. My brother and sister got one as well and we quickly discovered they all had the exact same lock - kinda defeated the point of it!

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