What’s this then?

This thing in the picture below. What is it then?

Come back in a couple of hours and we’ll tell you.


  • Darren
    it’s a woundplast carpet, basically a big plaster thats a posh rug!
  • Amanda H.
    We haven't had an Apple post for a while? So, is it the next iPhone?
  • Andrew R.
    Darren's ruined it - I thought it was an overhead view of a Chinese prison yard with the stage in the middle, and all the crims about to perform a reenactment of one of Michael Jackson's greatest hits.
  • Darren
    Andrew - initially I was thinking along the same lines... but the curved edges led me to think something different.
  • Darren
    Timmy Mallet has one in his front room.
  • Bargain
    Its an iphone protector. It stops your iphone getting abused by dirty fingers. Helps to preserve the box-like qualities of your device.....
  • chrisg.
    Is it the thing holding the site together under the deluge of visitors?
  • The B.
    It's a small, off-duty, Czechoslovakian traffic warden.
  • Lee
    Looks a bit like a shortbread biscuit.
  • Dave
    Might be an idea in future to change the file name of the image ;-)
  • Mong M.
    Is it a desperate post as their isnt anything interesting to talk about at the moment?
  • adamck
    http://www.inewidea.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/2009062338.jpg mmmm look very posh haha
  • Rampant R.
    Is it a condom for those wanting to conceive - but not contact a dose of galloping knobrot?
  • Tom
    i thought it was going to be a hidden microphone or something. a rug is a bit boring...
  • TeggyEgg
    The invisible spray on plaster when visible

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