What's that in the Norwegian sky...?

There’s been some strange goings-on in the night sky over Norway in the past few days, as you can see from this picture.


Some people have put it down to the fallout from a failed test of a new Russian missile, while others say that it’s got something to do with the aurora borealis (aka the northern lights.) It's probably just some aliens or something to be honest.

But avid Bitterwallet reader Adamck thinks he’s figured out what’s really going on and has sent us an exclusive picture from the scene. Regular followers of the site will probably agree with us when we say he's on to something.

Click below to see find out what it’s all about….


Hmm, maybe...


  • William
    Should I get it or something?
  • Dave
    only if you are clever and not a dum dum
  • adamck
    Its the 3 wolf portal!
  • Christopher
    Is it me or is the very obvious sight of the spot light shining the fancy chritmas decorationy light in to the sky from the hill (just, you know, follow the triangular light from the sky back to it's origin) just passed everyone by (including the bbc news)?
  • Greytay
    Its the new laser pen from play (23.99 inc VAT and Haldron Collider). Instead of blinding low flying pilots with a green laser, you can now blast them out of the sky with a big one!!!!!.
  • givenup
    Is is a wormhole? Or just an arsehole? I can't decide.
  • Ceri
    hahaha! Love the humor on this site! I don't know how you do it but its all in the timing! ;)
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. My"Watchtower" magazine says we should not make "fun" of God's creations.
  • MyOtherUserNameIsAFerarri
    Come on guys, i think its obvious that Adamck has got a 1000m x 1000m screen print done of the three wolves, used two helicopters to hang it up in the sky and taken a picture of it, with the light thing in the background. Impressive - Yes, 10/10 for effort, however were not all fools here.
  • Graham
    @ Christopher So I suppose the fact that Russia admintted to testing a missile that went a bit awry means nothing then?
  • Graham
    or admitted even
  • Brian's U.
    stock up tinned goods and bottled water! The aliens are coming!
  • Dalton S.
    Some of the sky pictures look like they could have been taken from the movie The Golden Compass.I’d love to see one of those in my lifetime.

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