What will you put up with to bag a bargain?

How bad does the shopping experience have to be before you stop using a particular store? How much abuse, verbal or physical, would you entertain before you refused to hand over your hard-earned money? There's probably a Japanese game show it it - it's been years since Clive James brought us weekly delights from Endurance.

And so to the tale of a Florida man suing Walmart because he was bitten by a rattlesnake while shopping there last year. It was the third snake attack at a Walmart sore in Florida in two years; the man is suing the retail giant because they should have done more to prevent it happening, given two incidents had already occurred.

But despite still suffering respiratory problems and scars from the attack, the man has been back to Walmart several times, stating their prices "are too good to shop elsewhere". Which makes you wonder exactly what they'd need to do to deter the man from stepping foot in there. If snakebites wouldn't work, maybe a bear attack would. Or killer bees.

It's a dumb loyalty most of us can identify with; we can be treated shoddily and still go back for more, especially where there's a saving to be had; reasoning suggests our previous experience was probably a one-off and it won't happen again. So do you have any tales to tell of enduring terrible customer service in the name of a bargain? Are you happy to be put down or let down on to enjoy those low, low prices? Let us know.

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  • Paul
    I spoke to a sales person in Comet once. Gimme the rattlesnake any day.
  • Ginner
    This bloke had it easy, having been to the PcWorld sale several times, I would rather tackle the snake than their inept, ill informed, non trained, no interest in customer service staff anyday.
  • BiggerDave
    I once asked a Walmart Sales ASSistant for a price check, they went away to supposedly get one. I waited.... I waited... and I waited some more. It turns out the f*cker finished his shift and went home!! I got the manager to call him, which fair play he did, and got the little turd to return and get my price check. Needless to say, I did not buy anything that day.
  • Grant
    After my recent stint in retail jail, I think more shops should keep snakes. Devil dogs too. If you are just in for a moan and an argument, save it for the Staffy-cross.
  • Martin
    Our Comet has four ginger haired members of staff. I don't go there any more.
  • Chairman
    Once I find out proof that a store supports a certain country that has occupied land illegally while committing war crime after war crime, I stop shopping there. It has been years since I shopped at Marks & Spencers, McDonald's and Tesco.
  • Chairman
    But Ginner, why would you even want to talk to pc world staff? I only go there to (ab)use their price promise! No contact with staff needed!
  • Jimbo
    But Chairmian , what has China got to do with Tesco or M&S? Everything is made in China nowadays.
  • Chairman
    Wrong country Jimbo; guess again.
  • Mark
    the point is the occupation of tibet isn't exactly legal, so if you avoid the companies because of their support for a country occupying land you have to apply it to all countries where this happens, and everyone trades with china.
  • Mark
    on the subject, one bad experience will keep me from returning to that store for a long time or only when it is too my advantage.
  • Paul N.
    I think it's obvious Chairman is talking about Transdniestria or Abkhazia... I'm not sure which and you guys are just winding him up by mentioning Tibet.
  • jinkssick
    bought my 42'' in pc world yesterday. it was a great offer. the member of staff serving us was so up beat but he quickly lost his groove after we failed to make 'him' any money. was the first time in about 5 years ive bought something where i have had to be pitched a selling technique, shows the power of the internet and the increidibly bad customer services in pc world. same for currys mind you. ''you may be interested to purchase our monthly protection payments that cover spikes in power surges and flactuations in the main voltage'' lol, yeah and the overexturbirance of the main valve of the contriact of the S-video connection. All necessary these days.

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