What Wikipedia would look like if it was an encyclopedia

Not everyone has access to the empowering nature of the internet. If you're one of them, then you're unlikely to be reading this for starters. For you, life is still very much 1989. Argos is the place to buy items the rest of us find on eBay, you're still buying your top shelf grumble from service stations on the A1. And you've never had the pleasure of the global font of knowledge that is Wikipedia. e

Until now. Artist Rob Matthews has re-created Wikipedia in paper form. Not all of it, obviously - that wouldn't work at all - just Wikipedia's featured articles. So even if you were to buy this (it's not for sale) you'd still only have a sliver of the combined knowledge of humanity. And a broken back. Now go and buy a computer, it's 2009 for God's sake.


  • MinstrelMan
    bow-legged prick! look at all that paper, not very eco freindly is it? do something useful with your life other than bying shite shoes from topman and copy and pasting mass amounts of data. On a geekier note, what size font did he use? and how long did spell check take? lol imagine if that he was just upto "Z" and that little twat of a paper clip pops up "I see your writing your own encyclopedia...." and fucks the whole thing up for him.
  • MikeBeaver
    Only one of those twats that wear skinny fit jeas and shite Topman shoes (as mentioned above) would be fucktarded enough to do this, FFS get a job and stop spunging off the social!
  • The B.
    What Wikipedia would look like if it was made of paper: http://www.wcsupplies.co.uk/v/vspfiles/photos/1.5-2T.jpg

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