What we'll all be driving in 2020 - the Pyramid Car

When are boffins going to realise that we don't want duel-temperature taps or automaton vacuum cleaners; the future is about jet packs, damn all your eyes to hell. We may accept futuristic cars but only if they fly, or hover at the very least. We don't don't to save money or the environment, we don't want vehicles powered by renewable energy sources - because time and again you build ludicrous contraptions like this jalopy:

Sweet muscular Christ almighty, the pyramid car is bobbins for sure, but inventor Greg Zanis is having none of it:

We plan on making a real car that can go over 300 mph with a aluminium frame and 4 wheel drive. We will sell this car for 12k to 20K. The car will last for 1,000,000 miles and will have more power then most all gas cars out there.

Course it will Greg, because there's a massive market for cars that simultaneously fail to meet the needs of most car buyers in having just one seat, and make the driver look like a prize dick. Still, if you're tempted you've only four days to get your bids in on eBay to buy the prototype. If you share Greg's vision of the future, you can read about about his project here.


  • Zukky
    LOOOOL! "Prize dick" that made me crack up big time. It's soo true, I like the sound of a V8 revving and destroying the planet. It's just so worth it ;)
  • Rubisco
    Lol @ the marvellous freudian slip on their website - "The garage will have a wind turbine to turn wind and sunbeams into usable electricity that will charge the batteries insane the tower."
  • piggeh
    Where are the indicator lights?! Looks like an MOT fail to me.
  • fude
    do you guys ever take the day off?
  • Lumoruk
  • donttouchthehair
    I think he should take it to Vegas and open the world's smallest casino. I also love how the guy filming him (on a bike or just running) accidentally overtakes a triangular tit potentially capable of topping 200 mph.
  • Lumoruk
    Got banned again Luke, got bored so sent this to admin "Under your obligations as a company to abide by Data protection laws I hereby request that all data held by you on me be erased, this includes any posts, private messages or images held on your servers'. You have 40 days to comply with this request at which point legal proceedings will be undertaken, of which I fine may be issued by the courts. Please know your rights and mine by referring to http://www.opsi.gov.uk/Acts/Acts1998/ukpga_19980029_en_1 All the best, Lumoruk"
  • Rubisco
    Lol Lumoruk I do know my rights and yours. Posts submitted to a forum publically under a pseudonym aren't covered by the DPA. The most they'd have to do is delete your email address from their records.
  • Rubisco
    (after 40 days from your last posting)
  • -> H.
    What the fuck, is the point on a pyramid shaped car?
  • Andy D.
    @-> Insert Witty Name Here - It's the bit right at the top
  • -> H.
    Ah yes Andy, I see what you 'wittily' did there, however, if we're going to be pedantic, the 'point' could also encompase the other 4 points along the lower perimeter of the the pyramid, it all depends on the particular elevation. To reitterate, What the fu_k... (longish pause for poiniency) is the point of a pyramid car?
  • shit c.
    that guy needs to spend money on hookers instead of that setaming dog turd.
  • £25K B.
    [...] what does the future of transport look like? An air-powered motorcycle? A solar-powered pyramid car? A jetpack powered by strapping two fans on your back? No, it’s a bicycle. And a motorcycle. [...]

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