What The Hell Do We Open This With Then?



  • Adam2050
    I reckon its for first timers for bra straps. Its the lazy elite edition.
  • Craig
    The irony.
  • Matt
    "What The Hell Do We Open This With Then?"... The packet that your new pair of scissors is wrapped in...
  • Amanda H.
    I don't think they thought this one through. On a plus side, can anyone else see a double use for this? Or am I too much of a perv?
  • M~Y
    if the illustration is to go by, you bite open the packet, no ? it is alot like selling a trowel in a plaster mould, defeats the objective.
  • jonn
    Mabye it has just got a paper back which you can take off easily?
  • Juan K.
    You have to buy two then you open one of the packets with the opener thingie stoopid!
  • sam
    http://www.myopenx.com/ The reviews have amongst them a 3 minute CBS consumer report on them.

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