What the effing eff is this all about? Effing greeting cards?

To file under Why Didn't I Think Of That? - a dead simple idea turned into a dead simple greeting card that you already know will sell thousands and make a bloody mint. The Effing Card Company, based in Aberdeen, produces black and white cards for every single occasion you can think of, and a few you probably can't;

There are dozens of designs as well as matching postcards and mugs. They're probably not to every taste, so we'd advice caution when deciding on the recipients, especially for our favourite card [WARNING - CONTAINS A REALLY BAD WORD, BUT THAT'S WHAT FUNNY ABOUT IT].

[The Effing Card Company]


  • Amanda H.
    "EFF OFF, YOU EFFING EFFER" I see Carol Ann Duffy has written this years Christmas card poem for the Queen.
  • Bullet
    Cool, gives me an idea, we irish guy in my work keeps on saying "Feck aff"
  • pauski
    If some Effer sent me an effing card - i'd push em off the effing effiel tower! Bunch of effing shite.
  • Gus
    I must be getting old... is not funny at all!
  • St
    Step 1) have funny idea Step 2) sell on the internets Step 3) don't copyright it My step one is Ebay...
  • St
    By copyright, I of course mean patent. Copyright is automatic, but I can use it in my own hilarious effing sentences Scott free!
  • bod
    You don't need to file it under "Why didn't I think of that" as there should already be a copy filed under "dead horses to FCUK ing flog". Not original and not funny.
  • Bradders
    This is not funny.
  • pkatz
    I cant believe people dont just print these off them selves. An be Effin cheapskates!
  • snedger
    a little bit amusing maybe. Shame they're not on sale in shops -getting the right card for the right effing occasion would simply be a walk by choosing.
  • Jamie
    Fucking unfunny cards
  • pip
    If someone sent me an i'm sorry your effing pet died card, when i'd just lost a pet, i would literally shove it up their effing a**e, with said pet stuck inside it. I'm not that old, these are really uncool cards.
  • shpshgrs
    What a load of miserable effing gits some of you guys are ......
  • Nobby
    I once sent a home made card to my brother. IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY I COULDN'T GIVE A FUCK BUT MUM SAID I HAD TO SEND A CARD
  • Darren
    Hi guys and gals, I'm Darren, I run The Effing Card Company. Sorry to hear some of you have a dysfunctional sense of humour and I'm happy to hear some don't. It's a great idea, like it or not and people do in fact like sending these cards. As a welcome to the world of Effing Cards here's a discount code! IEFFINGLOVEYOU use it at the checkout for your discount! :) All the best to everyone! You effers. Darren To file under: I'm Glad I Thought Of That!
  • tom
    a 9%discount you effing cheapskate
  • Darren
    it's basically making them £2 per card rather than £2.20

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