What recession? Harrods flogging gold bullion

gold Yesterday we warned you of the perils of flogging your unwanted gold off to shifty online nugget-buying nuggets. Today, the other end of the precious metal market has reared its proud head like an ecstacy-fuelled ox – Harrods have started selling gold bars.

Britain’s most glamorous corner-shop proprietor Big Mo Al Fayed has linked up with Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux (whoever the hell they are) to pedal shiny gold bullion and coins over the counter.

But the move comes just as gold prices reach a record high (£662 an ounce), thanks to a weak American dollar. No doubt there’ll still be hordes of rich idiots queuing up for a nugget of their own.

Your move Dixons

[Oxtail Retail Week]


  • Ty
    I'll drop a nugget right now. A turd nugget.
  • Gunn
    How do you make a profit on raw gold? Is is not just worth the market value in that state?
  • McBastad
    I'll feed those bastids me nuggets! McBastad McNuggets! Grrrr!
  • Song B.
    "How do you make a profit on raw gold? Is is not just worth the market value in that state?" The price of gold generally keeps going up, as long as you dont get massively ripped off, it can be considered an investment like land or housing (not so much). Wonder how far one would get down brompton road before the crappy biodegradable bag would break, oh wait its harrods not tesco.
  • charitynjw
    A spokesperson who cannot be named, but had a very rich foreign accent, said today "At least Harrods sell gold; Dixons sell sh**e!!" We cannot confirm or deny that statement. Anyone with further information please post below Thank you for your time

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