What price true love? It starts with a £10.50 date from eBay

"As an avid Bitterwallet reader," says avid Bitterwallet reader Ian, "I'm always on the lookout for a bargain. I saw this while looking for gig tickets in Bournemouth. Seems nice, and value for money and all... although dinner isn't included."
Bitterwallet - women lists herself on eBay

"Single attractive fun-loving girl from Bournemouth available for an evening of dinner and drinks. 26 years old, loves food, travel, music, health & fitness and good old banter. Dinner to be paid for by winning bidder."

Yeah, but who's the daft lad who added the auction to eBay? Still, they're currently on course to split a massive £10.50 between them, so good luck to them. Anyone want to go Dutch on her?


  • piggy
    Looks like a right tart!
  • Tom
    Any "extras" included in the price?
  • Peter G.
    Here she is on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=623350470
  • Peter G.
    Link doesn't work, can search her though.
  • MarkG
    How much is a McDonalds happy meal these days? £10.50 for winning the auction, £3.50 for the happy meal, and the prospect of a quick shag in a doorway afterwards. BARGAIN!
  • Nader I.
    I've got a friend in common! Worth having a look through the holiday snaps?
  • br04dyz
    Wonder is there's any cashback available (without robbing her handbag during dinner)
  • kv
    looks like she'd be expecting dinnner at the Ritz
  • kv
    looks like she'd be expecting dinner at The Ritz
  • Dr.Caligari
    She's more of a 'spit-roast' type of girl - so take a mate with you if you win the bid.
  • piggy
    The seller probably ripped that photo off facebook, she probably doesn't even know about it! Hmm, interesting way to make some cash?
  • MarkG
    Does ebay Buyer protection stop you from picking up a STD from a girl that's clearly been around the block a few times...
  • Me
    I'd tap that... not for £11.50 though.... dirty brenda down the back of the market only charges a fiver for a quickie and throws in a packet of crisps at the end too....
  • Matt
    Condition - Used.
  • klingelton
    I'd slap it around in her vertical bacon sandwich for a tenner.
  • Me
    vertical bacon sandwich FPMSL!!!!
  • Paul C.
    She's part of the Priva crew from Bournemouth who are basically toffs that like to 'partay' and talk about their gap yaah in 'that poor african country which was so life changing yah?' And they like sand polo. I know this because ... I DJ in Bournemouth... but not there. Too posh for me.

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