What Jack Bauer Won't Show You on 24: Universal Sentex Key Pad Access Code, Apparently

http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/3352/510jafjhdglsl500aa26744.jpgGot a Sentex keypad security system at home, or seen any in your 'hood?

If you have, you can keep busy this weekend playing Jason Bourne with this security hack. The hack supposedly gives you access by means of a factory default code, according to founder at  Weebly, David Rusenko.

David wrote on his blog that most Sentex key pad-access doors have a factory default code that grants you access by simply entering a series of *s, 0s, and 9s:

You can open most Sentex key pad-access doors by typing in the following code:


The first *** are to enter into the admin mode, 000000 (six zeroes) is the factory-default password, 99# opens the door, and * exits the admin mode (make sure you press this or the access box will be left in admin mode!)

Considering that the Sentex system is pretty popular worldwide, if this works, it's a pretty scary prospect. Witness protection program? ***00000099#*. Bang.

On the other hand, this could be a joke. We don't know, because in our limited research, there are no other references to this hack online.

I suppose the only way to find out is for you guys to test it out and report back...

[Daivd Rusenko]


  • acecatcher3
    if u can put me in direction of a sentex keypad in harrow ill make a vid of of myself tyring to break in (if ur willing to pay bail money when i get in trouble) :P
  • Lumoruk
    It does work, I just let some nutters out of our local mental health institute. Don't ask me to put them back in because they looked pissed.
  • Pyscho P.
    Thanks for the heads up Bitterwallet I got released earlier today, time for me to get KFC deal of the century, IM HUNGRY!
  • h0dgy
    Aren't the default codes usually changed by the engineer during installation ?
  • a m.
    @Psycho Paedophile: Kentucky Fried Children?
  • Psycho P.
    Nah Chicken, I'm off children for the Lenten period, my friend Gary Glitter is guiding me through :)
  • J
    I assume it wont work if the user has chnaged the factory default password from six 0's? I assume it should tell the user to do this in the manual. Not changing factory default passwords is asking for trouble really...
  • greg
    "Kentucky Fried Children?" lol, i bought that book, arrived yesterday. very good

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