What is the UK's favourite biscuit?

plate-of-biscuits Everyone likes biscuits. Those that don't, frankly, should be pre-emptively thrown in prison before they go on a murderous spree because, people who aren't into biscuits are clearly psychopaths.

So, now that's cleared up, we move to an even more delicate situation - which is the best biscuit?

2,000 British people were asked to name their favourite and, unsurprisingly, the winner was the trusty chocolate digestive. It might not be your favourite, but there's no denying that it is remarkably reliable.

In second place was the hardy chocolate Hobnob, with the custard cream occupying third place. Shortbread fared well, which isn't surprising because there's a biscuit that can take all manner of punishment. The list of the UK's favourite biscuits, in order of popularity, goes like this.

1. Chocolate digestive
2. Chocolate Hobnob
3. Custard cream
4. Shortbread
5. Jaffa Cake
6. Choc chip cookie
7. Digestive
8. Ginger nut
9. Chocolate bourbon
10. Chocolate fingers

The rest of the list, in order, was Rich Tea (a thoroughly dreadful biscuit that should be taken outside for a kicking), Oreos, Malted Milk, Dark chocolate digestives, Jammie Dodgers, Plain Hobnobs, Fox’s Creams, White choc chip cookie, Nice, Viennese Creams.

What about biscuits for dunking? Do the results vary for that? They should because, while you might like a pink wafer, they'd suffer greatly if you tried to dunk them into your tea. The best dunking biscuits are:

1. Digestive
2. Chocolate digestives
3. Chocolate Hobnobs
4. Rich Tea
5. Ginger nut
6. Custard creams
7. Plain Hobnob
8. Malted Milk
9. Chocolate bourbon
10. Shortbread


  • Paul S.
    Jaffa Cake is not a buscuit.
  • meh
    Chocolate Hobnob below chocolate digestive? It would seem the population has fucked up two votes in a matter of days. Well done people. Well done.
  • Albi
    God, not another McVities press release
  • Bollard
    Eh? How can the Jaffa CAKE be the No.5 favourite BISCUIT? It's a cake, innit?
  • Barry
    Arse biscuits.
  • Inspector G.
    How was this calculated? Was it a first past the post or alternative voting system?
  • Big M.
    Chewbacca loved soggy biscuits. RIP.
  • Gas M.
    Finally, a list not in alphabetical order
  • rjt
    They can't just say "chocolate digestive" or "chocolate hobnob". We need to know whether it is plain or milk!
  • Nigel m.
    Why are you worried about the shade of chocolate? Racialist!
  • Keith
    Sad of me to know this but after time cakes go hard and biscuits go soft so that is the reason Jaffa Cakes are allowed to be classed as biscuits and one or the other incurs tax and the other doesn't from memory. I did say it was sad of me......
  • James D.
    Was price a factor here? You can't beat a chocolate hobnob but they can be pricey.

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