What if... budget airlines delivered the post

The strike by staff at Royal Mail may be proving nothing short of a pain in the arse to small businesses and people expecting beer money to arrive in a birthday card in time for the weekend, but it could be worse:

Bitterwallet - Ryanair do Royal Mail

[bt3a.com] thanks to Bitterwallet reader Daniel


  • DavtT
    If Ryanair delivered the post: Deliver basic letter next day before 9am - 0.25p If you want anything else you pay for it!!! Sack all Postmen!!
  • pique
    very professional. You sit and judge other companies, then put this on your own website. Maybe you should judge yourself
  • Joff
    I'd like to see BW judge themselves, but in a Strictly Come Dancing line up. Maybe Paul (N) could be Brucey?
  • NobbyB
    http://www.b3tards.com/u/04d821dabf7fcbecc84b/royalchainmail.jpg I thought this one was quite good
  • Tiny S.
    The iPhone would get them there - you forgot to mention that.
  • Fiyero
    This is nice but a bit over the top. DavtT's one is a bit closer. Although it would more likely be delivery within a week for 25p. Royal mail's more recent changes - large letter etc... - seem to be along the lines of the Ryanair model anyway.
  • Name R.
    I've got to be honest here. Am I the only one that wants to defend RyanAir? In my experience I've flown to places I could never have afforded before, they were always on time and they've never lost a bag. I'm off to Germany next week for £20 return. Amazing. At that price I don't even mind paying the £15 for a sandwich! I particularly enjoy reading this blog, but watch out you don't overstep the mark. A lighthearted poke at Sky Captain O'Leary is one thing, but the constant whingeing about RA is getting a tad boring!
  • goon
    i never understood the hate for ryanair until i flew with them this weekend their baggage system is utter bullshit £20 for every kilo over weight in lugage. i saw someone who was charged £140. plus the costs of food and shit is stupid. £5 for a sandwich. fuck you. they are only good for short trips, not holidays. still i had a much better experience with them than easyjet. they really are dogshit and the worst of the worst. so in conclusion ryanair aren't great but they are the best of a bag of shit bunch.

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