What have YOU found in your hot dogs lately?

hotdogman Speak to anyone who’s ever worked in meat processing and ask them about what they saw and their eyes will invariably glaze over as though they were thinking about a Vietnam tour of duty. Most of them are vegetarians now.

Anyway, some bright spark used a freedom of information request to ask the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA, the food safety boffins) about what sort of stuff is allegedly found in hot dogs and subsequently complained about. Some of the best ones include...

small piece of glass
bone fragments
piece of an eyeball
piece of metal
"something green"
rat leg
"someone has ejaculated in these hot dogs"
rubber glove
lock washer
"winged insect that resembled a dragonfly inside the package of hot dogs"

Of course, just because these things were complained about doesn’t mean they’re all true, but we’re choosing to believe them all because we’re like that. Enjoy your tea tonight Bitterwalleteers....

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