What fresh hell is this? The Pomegranate Phone

You and your friends may already be using an NS08. I only know about it from my mother, who swears blind I need a Pomegranate Phone, because it makes coffee and has a built-in shaver. It's also a phone too, apparently.

It's a pretty slick device that combines all the functionality of a mobile phone with all the features you'd really like it to have - coffee brewer, projector, global voice translator. Harmonica. Take a look at the website, and you'll see instruction videos for every gizmo and gadget featured in this amazing new Jesus phone:

Best of all, the Pomegranate Phone comes wi- hang on. Did we say harmonica? And then the penny drops. Another bleeding marketing ploy. Damn you people. It's a viral campaign for - where else - Nova Scotia. Nova bloody Scotia? It says a lot about your country when you need a ficticious Swiss Army mobile to raise awareness of it. We so wanted to hold a Pomegranate Phone too, just once. Let us cut our pubis to ribbons with its ill-contoured shaving blade. Sniff.


  • daveph85
    I don't care. I still want one.
  • SJT
    that's freaking awesome. I want one.
  • John
    Those evil coporate bullies. I would have paid through the arse for a phone like that! It looks immense!
  • Kevin
    My iphone has an app that allows me to use it like a harmonica. Ocarina it's called.
  • Acer B.
    [...] tried to pack everything into the little blighters, obviously inspired by the genius that is the Pomegranate Phone. The M900 model is a touchscreen phone for besuited-office types and comes with Windows Mobile [...]
  • Maria M.
  • Jay S.
    I love this phone it makes me feel less stupid about myself cause its so simple!;)
  • Julian S.
    Were do you change the Oil on this thing `
  • MariaMedina
    Is that strong enough to shave my V pubes

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