What fresh hell is this? Introducing... The Chariot? Really?

Looking like the lovechild of Gordon Gekko and a Dyson, the  Chariot is here to revolutionise transport for people with mobility issues. Possibly.

According to developers Exmovere, "the Chariot is controlled by subtle movements of the lower torso and hips. Sensors inside the cocoon-like shell of the vehicle predict the intended motion of the wearer. The Chariot requires no manual dexterity, minimal physical effort and allows wearers to closely approach and reach objects."

"The upright form of the Chariot allows its wearer to make direct eye contact with others"

No it doesn't, unless the gentleman picture is the height of a 10 year-old, otherwise he's going to tower over humans like some half-man, half-vacuum Gort-type entity.

And this wundertrolley seems to be missing the key functionality that saw the Daleks knackered for the best part of 40 years; the inability to manage even shallow steps, the sort of trivial obstacle the obsolete wheelchair can manage without too much trouble.



  • Amanda H.
    That guy looks a right toff. spiffing what what. But tell me, is this a bagless cyclone and has it got a HEPA filter?
  • MinstrelMan
    thats a disturbing image, 3 points spring to mind: 1 - Whats the hole for half way down? so you can flash folk and then role off without leaving a shoe print as evidence..... clever! 2 - Will they come in extra large for those who are already obese? 3 - Why does the photographer insist on taking the perfect product photo, when that poor chap is obviosuly having a seizure?
  • Mike H.
    "Yeah hi, yeah it's me, on my mobile, yeah, look errr, i'm currently doing a photoshoot, yeah that's right, I do look a complete twat"
  • Noel L.
    Has he got Simon Cowells trousers on???? Christ they are nearly tucked under his arm pits!
  • BowtNetterToDo
    Take a personal urinal to work with you ?, im wondering how it deals with solids.
  • badmans
    Thats part of the machien i think. What a waste of R+D.
  • MinstrelMan
    did Robocop cash in on the high scrap metal prices?
  • Will
    The hole in the middle of the thing looks to me like a speaker, so if you got you and a few mates together with these imagine the fun you could have getting home from the pub with some top tunes blasting out of all your speakers as you zig zag the contraption down the street, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . :D
  • Amanda H.
    On second thoughts I hope this does take off in Toff-Land. Just jog up to the robo-toff, snatch his briefcase, then glide up a few steps. Stopping only to film his blubbering cries for youtube.
  • plusman
    Didn't Wallace invent a pair of these?? Looks like patent infringement to me. Somebody ought to set the dog (or an evil penguin) on them!!!

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