We've got 1,000+ subscribers! Thanks to all of you!!

Congratulations to us – Bitterwallet has finally smashed the 1,000 barrier for RSS subscribers! Thank you to every single one of you who follow us by RSS, even if it’s just so you can be the first to leave a hate-filled comment after a new story is published.

We’re celebrating with whisky and Vimto and a smoked cheese pig that could contain up to four different doses of past and current pandemics. Later on, we’ll be sitting back and resting on our laurels, ignoring the RSS figure as it slowly drops back to three figures.


  • ctuk
  • Robin
    I hate you! Actually, that's not true, I like you... in a sort of misery likes company type of way. By the way, your RSS counter seems broken. Maybe you need to pay for the one that displays more than 3 digits??
  • Deech
    Whiskey and Vimto? WTF Northern Monkey Fuel is this? :-)
  • acecatcher3
    ill buy everyone kfc* *terms and conditions apply ps i used to not like bitterwallet much, at first it was because u swore alot andy and that annoyed me as its supposed to be a hotukdeals blog where hotukdeals is a family forum, then i got banned and decided to take my anger out on u and anyone who posted an article on here (sorry bout that)......then i apologised for how i acted and now i genuinely enjoy reading ur articles throughout my day at work.##well done on the 1000+ subscribers im sure itl just get bigger and bigger, espec if u get more exciting stories like the 3 member list hack, thought thats prob the best one so far with most interest wouldnt u say?? Luke
  • Andy D.
    Fuck off Luke. ;-)
  • acecatcher3
  • Ian
    ** Google Image searches 'Thank you'. >> Takes image off first page.
  • Andy D.
    I'll have you know I went through three or four pages but couldn't find a nicer one! Go on, try it.
  • acecatcher3
    what i would have suggested was one or all of u from the office stripped naked, stood on one leg holding a sign saying thankyou with a spoon in ur mouth.................anyone up for it?
  • magicbeans
    its good when HUKD misc gets boring...which seems more and more frequent nowadays! BRING BACK AC3
  • acecatcher3
    m to the b how did ur eurodisney trip go? u go on all the rides or wimp out like a chicken.
  • Eddiex
    Every time I see an advert for a new promotion,eg a discounted HD box,I get a letter from SKY letting me know that my bill is going up to pay for it.Last time it was a 100% rise on my broadband.Seriously considering O2 broadband @ £7.34.
  • Eddiex
    OOps wrong article (above)
  • Mike H.
    I'll keep supporting BW, as long as BW support my Tea habit.

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