Wetherspoons to kill the Sunday roast?

sunday roast In what seems to be a massive publicity stunt, done via The Sun, Wetherspoons have said that they're getting rid of their Sunday roast dinners. This has seen outrage on social media, and people mentioning how cheap the aforementioned roasts are repeatedly.

Either way, the angle is that the last roasts will be served at Wetherspoons on Mothering Sunday.

Instead, Wetherspoons are going to be focusing on their all-day menu, which means fry-ups, burritos, and burgers. The Sunday Club section on 'Spoons website has already been taken down.

A Wetherspoons spokesperson said that this was "just one of those things" and that "there will be a lot of disappointed people and we apologise for that," adding that "sometimes you have to make a commercial decision."

This has seen the super soaraway Sun launching a campaign to save the roasts at Wetherspoons, thereby making this look like an orchestrated campaign to remind everyone that Wetherspoons actually do cheapo roasts.

Anyway, it'd be remiss of us if we didn't mention this, even if it is a massive con which companies are prone to doing (say thing is being discontinued, spark vague outrage, bring it back 'by popular demand' after celebrities have said they love it). Either way, if you definitely want a 'Spoons roast, better act sharp and get down there this week. If not, other roasts are available.

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  • Warwick H.
    Spoons like Yate's and the rest of them just want to dish out cheap and nasty burgers & chips, their menus have been slowly getting rid of what decent stuff they served over the last year or so, Yates once had decent fare but now its just pap + they have all stuck their wine up approx £2 a bottle.

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