Why we're searching for a bulimic emo chronic mastorbator

Bitterwallet - SEOLOLHere at Bitterwallet, we're committed to researching the killer post - the one feature or title that will attract the attention of everyone on the intermaweb, cause traffic figures to go stratospheric and possibly break the whole internet for at least the afternoon. Having keenly studied this site's analytics for nearly two years, we're convinced this God particle of posts must include pornography, Apple, a new type of KFC sandwich, your Orange mobile contract and pornography again. To that end, this post serves the dual purpose of testing the phrase "bulimic emo chronic mastorbator" to further our studies, and to tell you about a new favourite website of ours.

It's like rubbernecking a car crash, in which all the drivers and passengers concerned were naked lady jelly wrestlers. We. Can't. Stop. Looking. It's SEOLOL, a website curated by a person whose job it is to trawl through sample data from various search engines, in order to improve the search rankings of their client's websites.

During this quest, they sift through real-life examples of search terms entered into Google by people like us. Well, maybe not quite like us. Our favourites include:

  • how to use your mind to fight evil
  • i want to be not guilty because i have insanty
  • star trek costume xxxl
  • is christopher colombus racist
  • brain washing from phone towers
  • the christians guide to painkiller abuse
  • best cat urine
  • how do you spell a raspberry
  • infant with triangular shaped face
  • Unicorn Bereavement
  • bipolar hippopotamus
  • bulimic emo chronic mastorbator
  • hermit crab addiction
  • abraham lincoln gettysburg address youtube video


  • verybadattheinternet
    from their faqs... What Is SEOLOL? SEO stands for search engine optimization. If I have to explain LOL to you, you're very bad at the internet.
  • James D.
    Do they look after the BW SEO?
  • Nobby
    Some of the two word ones are people try to get googlewhacks. Yes, apparently people still do that.
  • PaulH
    But how is babby formed?
  • James D.
    they need to do way instain mother
  • Wonky H.

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