We're off to see Wahabu...

...and we want this nagging hair-loss-related depression sorted out so that we can work towards an Olympic gold in London next year. Roll on this time next week...


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  • jax
    But who does he call to solve his problem of living in Peckham?
  • Eysteve
    He must be the brother of Mr. Fanding who lives in Nottingham and offers services of that exact wording. Always been tempted, however since there is two of them it must be true!
  • oliverreed
    Well some twats believe in Jesus don't they? At least this conman is current, not like some fairytale from 2000 years ago! In fact this bloke sounds more credible.
  • jax
    @oliverreed why dont you call mr wahabu to ask him to remove the penis from your face within 7 days?
  • jax
    @oliverreed Why don't you call Mr Wahabu, and ask him to remove your nuts that dangle from the end of your nose? Recon he could do it in 7 days?
  • oliverreed
    @jax has somebody upset you?
  • jax
    no, I'm just retarded
  • oliverreed
    Oh, sorry about that, bye for now
  • oliverreed
    Don't be silly jax, why would you be retarded! I am the freak with a testicular face and a phallic shaped nose!
  • jax
    Indeed you are.
  • Chris
    I wouldn't bother calling Mr Wahabu - he's dead. http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/1971619.faith_healer_lured_to_his_death/ @oliverreed - I'm guessing this guy isn't on anyone's 'raise from the dead' list.
  • oliverreed
    @Chris 'alleged raise from the dead list' Awaits another rant from jax about insulting his cult.
  • jax
    I do belong to a cult actually, but we believe in mass suicide not being raised from the dead! Oh and Oliverreed, seriously guy, you should see a surgeon or something, fallous face its not normal man!
  • oliverreed
    @jax, you are indeed retarded, it's phallus not fallous.
  • jax
    Oh noes! The chink in my armour! My archilies heel! You found my spelling error, I do retract all previous statements of said testicles involving said face. An unsavoury defeat.
  • Jeebers
    Peoples. I forgive you all, can we all not live in peace? Well, all except those who don't believe in me, but of course it would too easy for me to smite them down so as a test of your idiocy, sorry, faith, smite the unbelievers down. By the way, dinosaurs? I was just fucking with you.
  • Mr W.
    Jeebers, I'l knock you out anyday and, within 7 days.
  • Jeevus K.
    @all... I've just farted
  • Bob M.
  • andy y.
    Can he cure me of being Northern?
  • Darren
    Wow, so many comments, and not 1 mention of buggering foxes... what is this site coming to?
  • Borris J.
    Can he cure my addiction to fox buggering?

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