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1_pacme3bk-crayon We haven't put out a call for new writers for a while but as ever we are looking for you! (maybe)....

We want to widen and improve the scope of our articles here and we need more contributors in order to do that. We'd like to get more regular writers with experience in differing consumer areas, such as personal/data privacy, consumer law, retail insider knowledge as well as standard consumer news.

We're also looking for occasional writers who can develop more indepth guides and resources for recurring consumer subjects. If you’re interested and passionate in any of these areas and can channel the Bitterwallet spirit please get in touch. Let us know what you're interested in covering and why, along with some writing examples you are proud of.

Hit us up here: [email protected]


  • Ted S.
    Do we get paid handsomely and receive lots of free shit? RSVP. Ted.
  • Alan
  • Brad
    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  • Bitterwallet
    @Brad - You're hired.
  • Rash B.
    If you're looking for some year 9 quality creative writing, look no futher. Had a weird dream last night that me and this Jewish guy I went to high school with, James Wiseman were chatting up this girl walking down to The Dip, which is an area in Brighton, England where I grew up, and I was like "right, lets pretend we're from Oregon for a joke" and then we chatted her up and he didn't play along and was like "what? you're not from Oregon" so I ran away really quickly but I couldn't run, it was all slow motion and my joints where really stiff, which happens a lot in my dreams, but I turned around and ran facing backwards, which was somehow a bit faster but it was still really slow so I threw my bag into this front garden to lose some weight. Then I ran all the way to my old house where I lived until I was 11 but James Wiseman was really good at chasing me and his face looked like one of the characters from the FFFUUU comics, I don't even like the FFFUU comics that much. Then I realised that I had left my macbook in the bag, so I ran down the street (backwards) and got to the house where I threw the bag and flew up to the window like you can in Unreal Tournament with the no gravity thing, and there was a muscley guy in house with loads of trophies and the walls were covered in UKIP posters and then I found the macbook in some bush and that was the end
  • acecatcher3
    i cant really specialise in anything like law etc but if you needed help gathering information for indepth guides like the ones vince used to do eg "how to avoid private parking fines" id be happy to help
  • LB33
    @RB - "If you’re looking for some year 9 quality creative writing, look no further." I don't think they have, that's the issue...
  • Amanda H.
    Am apple I apple qualified? apple bitter iphone wallet? (mac)
  • Lumoruk
    I'm out
  • Editor
    The BBC does all their writing, I don't know why they need more writers.
  • raptorcigs b.
    i dont give a fuck nom fucking nom
  • Richard
    If I wanted to be an occasional writer could I just email you with an article whenever I decide to write one and if it's good enough you'd put it up or do you have to be officially accepted to be an 'occasional writer'?
  • Nobby
    Why the fuck isn't there a picture to go with this article. I expected,at the very minimum, to see a pile of cash that had been stolen so nothing was left, or a picture of a crayon.
  • Andy D.
    There you go Nobby.
  • Nobby
    Hoo-ray a crayon. I say you do. Can I now have a picture of a blue waffle?
  • Andy D.
    No. No you can't.
  • Nobby
    Well, I think there should be more stories about prime ministers that wear nappies and cowboy hats while riding rocking horses and waving toffee apples in the air, in the bedroom of their mansion. http://www.moneymad.org/Previous/Gordon_Brown_in_a_nappy_on_rocking_horse.jpg
  • The B.
    I write articles for the Penthouse letters page, so if you want sticky keys then I'm yer man.
  • Jeffrey A.
    I would offer my contributions, however the A, P, L and E keys on my keyboard are a bit faulty, so it would take me forever to write anything that you would publish.
  • The B.
    That's sticky keys for you.
  • Jeffrey A.
    I originally wrote sticky instead of faulty, but I knew you sexy bastards would say something.
  • Nobby
    Jeffrey, a bit of advice. Your action is obviously all over the place, if you hit the A and E and L and P keys, at the left and right side of the keyboard. Keep your wrist a bit straighter, and you will learn to hit the G and H keys.
  • Mo
    "... personal/data privacy, consumer law, retail insider knowledge..." I study law and i work in retail oh and i had to publish an article regarding the Data Protection Act 1998 i think i qualify though i am not that witty and my jokes are quite lame :( if you guys give me something to write about I'll give it a go....
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I would like to apply for the job as advertised, as long as i'm not forced to take part in a 3 way SEX orgy with Paul & Andy as part of an initiation to join BitterWallet. Thanks

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