We’re all dealhunters. But feel dirty afterwards.

dealDo you remember when hunting for the best deal on you new white goods purchase was fun? That sense of achievement when you got 12% off RRP? No? Apparently you are not alone.

A new YouGov survey commissioned by EDF Energy found that 77% of us look for deals because we feel under pressure to do so, and that most dealhunters do it (48% of us) do it out of a crippling fear that we are going to miss a good deal, rather than enjoying it when we do find one. Just 37% of us actually enjoy looking for deals- for the rest of us, it's just another chore.

And being British, we like to take our time over our own suffering. Almost half of shoppers (49%) will take over two hours researching a £200+ purchase, with an estimated three million of us dedicating more than 24 hours of time researching every major purchase.

Technology has just made this unhealthy obsession easier to feed, according to YouGov. Consumers can search through millions of options on thousands of websites , checking vouchercodes, cashbacks and comparison sites to make sure that carefully-considered purchase is the best use of what little spare cash is around.

And after spending all this time researching,  over a third of consumers consider themselves an expert on triple A rated fridge freezers and would trust their own finding above anything else. Thirty-three percent would trust a comparison site  but only 12% would listen to their other half.

However, the report concludes that customers are suffering from ‘analysis paralysis’, faced with too much choice for one brain to handle; consumers end up shivering in a corner too scared to buy anything in case it’s not the best deal.

Sound familiar?


  • Strawbear
    I go into meltdown when I get to Sainbury's ketchup aisle, not sure I could ever cope with picking something important. Do you realise how many different sizes ketchup comes in these days?!
  • Cheesey
    I'm a committed Naked Dealhunter which obviously poses problems in the Sainsburys Ketchup aisle.
  • Old G.
    I must be one of the 37% then cos I thrive on getting something cheaper than the MRRP. After all, how much profit are they making selling it at full price, even when it drops to half that they're still raking it in. Give me bargains or give me a slow lingering death! Crap, I'm so old I'm already doing the latter.
  • Dr Z.
    I used to have this on VHS. Enough with the Russian roulette already!

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