Welcome to the poshest vending machine in the world

Most vending machines sell crisps and pop. However, there's some special machines out there. In Europe, they have ones that give you chips cooked in goose fat! Meanwhile, the Selfridges on Oxford Street have installed a champagne dispenser.

This got installed in conjunction with Moet & Chandon to allow people easy access and so idiots like us would write about it and give them free publicity.


However, you won’t be able to pay for the champagne with coins. You have to get special tokens, which means you could've just paid for a bottle of bubbly the normal way at a counter.

The 200ml mini bottles on offer cost £17.99 are are covered in Swarovski crystals and are served via a robotic arm so they don't smash.

You can hear all the poshos tittering about how quaint it all is, can't you?


  • Jerry
    200ml for 17.99 ? Thanks but no thanks, I'll stick with my 'blue star' cider for 1.19 per liter from my local corner shop!
  • badger
    @ Jerry And is your Blue Star tetrapak covered in Swarovski crystals? No. Just bits of bird poop from the park bench. Hence £17.99.
  • Spencer
    Or... buy a 50p litre bottle of apple juice and make your own 'tramp strength' cider in a bottle under the stairs... use partial freezing and water ice removal to make 'prison-style' applejack. on a serious note - google 'turbo cider' for some really easy high strength cider that tastes "great".
  • Jerry
    @Spencer: I searched for 'turbo cider' on google - and I am so thankful you brought that to my attention! You brought my life new meaning with that!! It's as if Christmas and Esater would fall on the same day for me!

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