Weird Feral Trolley Of The Week

Here’s a feral trolley that has been specially adapted so that you can store giant items of stationary in it. It’s brilliant, if a little scary, because we didn’t know you could get giant items of stationary.

Wait a minute – we’ve had a closer look at it and it looks like it could be a stationary holder that’s actually only suitable for a giant. It has to be, because the trolley is the right size and yet the stationary is weirdly huge. We tiny humans couldn’t even begin to think about lifting it so…

No, hang on. Maybe it’s a tiny trolley and the stationary is normal. But how are you supposed to fit your shopping in it? What’s the point of that? Perhaps if we watch this educational video, the whole mystery will unravel itself.

[via Unique Daily]


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  • acecatcher3
    andy, where the bumbaclot is my trolley, u keep hitting all of the other readers boring ones!!!
  • magicbeans
    im looking forward to seeing urs ace!!

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