Wee-charge Your Batteries On The Go!

A while ago, we alerted you to the existence of solar-powered sunglasses that could recharge an mp3 player or mobile phone on the go.

But we were literally inundated with angry emails from our readers in those darkest parts of Scandinavia that only get two hours of daylight in the winter – them folks were not impressed.

Since then, we’ve made it our task to discover a portable battery-charging method that is truly universal. We think we’ve found it – the NoPoPo.

The method is simple – just urinate into a pipette which you then attach to the end of the battery – let the ‘Aqua Power System’ do its thing with magnesium and carbon and whey-hey, you’re good to go.

Yes, urinate. Is that a problem for you? Really?? To be fair, most liquid substances will work - tea, coffee, beer, spit, but they don’t make the story as sensational as it could be. And if Bitterwallet’s about nothing else, it’s about making a big splash.

Just ideally not while we’re recharging our batteries.


  • The B.
    What could be easier, sounds like a piece of piss (sorry).
  • Matt S.
    You're taking the piss...
  • Mike H.
    So now we can all act like football supporters and piss and spit all over out batteries, brill.
  • SJT
    You might struggle with your aim trying to get it in the little pipette....
  • Andy
    Is this real? Seems like liquid + battery = dead battery?
  • vain
    If this was true then the battery manufacturers would go bust. Its a bit like that neverending lightbulb which never got made.
  • pedropete
    Howz abt wee-charging an iPood ?!
  • Adam2050
    Im sure you are all going to love all your electronics smelling of pee.
  • pedropete
    As Lennon suggested... we should "Give Pees a Chance" But when a gadget eventually dies... it will R.I.Pee Just my 2pee's worth. ;p
  • Smiff
    i came here looking for something for my wiimotes..
  • pedropete
    Oh... if ya don't need to WEE-charge an iPood... then u might consider POO-charging yer Wii ?!
  • verdilith
    based on that photo, I think someone needs to go to the doctor - unless it's orange juice!

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