We really need... these two major leaps in how we listen to music

Wham! Bam! Thank you ma’am Bitterwallet! We’ve got not one but two potentially amazing/pointless leaps in audio technology to show you (delete as appropriate although in case you’re not sure, they’re both amazing.)

First off comes a battery-powered, pocket-sized synthesiser for leprechauns, midgets and Gulliver wannabes. The Korg Monotron comes with a ribbon keyboard, VCO, VCF, and LFO controls, and the same analog filter found in the Korg MS-10 and MS-20.

We’re pretty sure you’ll empathise with us when we say that we’ve spent thousands of man-hours looking for a tiny version of the MS-10 and MS-20 and this one is only about £50. Hmm, exactly.

Next comes something that would have made the televisual write-off that is Lost far more exciting had the characters all been equipped with one.

It’s a portable cardboard record player – a disco that you can slip into a medium-sized bag. Slip a record on it, hook it all together and spin that disc with your finger at a rate of 45 revolutions per minute until something vaguely resembling music emerges from it.

It only plays seven inch singles by the looks of things so not ideal if you’re looking to light up a bifter, sit back and lose yourself to the sound of Dark Side Of The Moon. As well as getting finger cramp, you’re likely to set fire to the thing with your jazz album.

At the moment it seems to be a titting promo so you’ve got little or no chance of getting one. And no, the girl DOESN’T come with the portable cardboard record player.


  • m_jack
    throw in the girl and i'll buy one
  • ElBuc
    They both sound shit!
  • -]
    I want the synth! Most interesting post on BW for weeks, and it gets two comments. Your readers are idiots.
  • wiffle
    shitty rendition of stakker humonoid on the first vid

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