We really need... the Shining cuckoo clock

shining-cuckoo-clock We utterly want one of these – a traditional cuckoo clock modified as a tribute to The Shining.

Actually, it’s not really all that traditional – sure, at the top of the hour, something emerges from out of the clock but it isn’t a cuckoo. It’s Nicholson’s Johnny, his deranged head bursting through the door where his petrified wife cowers.

Apparently, the clock delivers the classic “Here’s Johnny!” line closely followed by a shriek of terror from Shelley Duvall’s Wendy. We’re sure it would be a welcome addition to Bitterwallet’s underground HQ and wouldn’t send us stark staring bonkers in under a day.

All work and no play makes Andy a dull boy…


  • Degeneratemoo
    Awesome, this needs a video!
  • SJT
    I want one!

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