We can't believe they've deep fried THIS...

12 August 2011

Britain (and not just Scotland, because that would be a disgusting example of national stereotyping) – you need to raise your game when it comes to deep-frying stuff. There’s arteries out there that still need to be clogged up with fur and you’re simply not doing enough.

Take a look at this… any idea what’s been deep-fried here, at the Iowa State Fair?

Screen shot 2011-08-11 at 22.30.27

Ladies and gentlemen, bow down and show your respect – it’s a stick of butter. Yes – deep fried. More here, including a slightly unedifying video of it all.


  • PokeHerPete
  • Paul
    I Can't Believe It's Hot Butter
  • Wonkypops
    Mmmm... Darwinism....
  • Dick
    It looks crap to me. All the butter leaks out, and you are left with just the batter, so it is essentially a pancake rolled up on a stick. WTF is wrong with eating just butter by the slice. It's not that different to eating cheese, but do it in public and people think you are retarded.
  • TC
    I'm more worried about what they're pouring over it...
  • eddiex
    Seen it already on Red Tube
  • markymark
    No, the Scots would never do this. There's no Buckie to wash it down.

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