Waterstones in logo u-turn shocker

Waterstones is going back to its old logo after 10 months. That's about it.



  • Billy
    Good move, that's the business saved I guess.
  • Joff
    Sadly, no-one even realised they'd changed it. :(
  • bob
    saggy boobs didn't work for them then
  • Bloke
    Now all they need to do is go back to "Buy 2 get 3" and they might get some people throgh the doors.
  • Liam
    Fools... The website should be part of the brand identity.
  • Cheesey
    So that's xxx number of stores to hang new signage on, new stationery, new bags, and probably about £50m for the crack cocaine for the marketing executive who came up with this fantabulous idea. You have to worry about companies who fuck around with shite like this instead of concentrating on the core business.
  • Boris
    Cut to the chase Andy. I'm a busy man; what with all of the Olympics, the mistresses and the what-nots. Can you post up a summary of the article to same me some time. There's a biscuit in it for you if you do.
  • M4RKM
    Incorrect, They're going back to the same typeface, but changing their name totally, from Waterstone's to Waterstones
  • Dick
    Yeah, the one you have pictured is incorrect. The company is now called Waterstones not Waterstone's.
  • Brian's U.
    What a waste of money. How much did they pay for this re-branding from some design agency? Probably Millions of pounds.

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