Waterstones bring long-running 3 for 2 promotion to an end

31 August 2011

no_more It’s the end of an era in the world of bookselling – Waterstones are bringing their never-ending 3 for 2 offering to an end TODAY, with money-off deals replacing it. Amazingly (depending on your own personal levels of amazability), the 3 for 2 has been going on in branches of Waterstones for over a decade.

What will come in its place? Well, two sources have spoken to The Bookseller – one of them says that campaign books will be uniformly priced at £5, while the other suggests that reduced paperbacks will be staggered at £3, £5 and £7.

If you’re a book-buying Bitterwalleteer, does any of this affect you? Did the 3 for 2 inspire you to take a punt on a book you wouldn’t normally buy or would you be equally keen to try a book if it was knocked down to a fiver from, say, £7.99?

Tell us you bunch of bloody bookworms!


  • PokeHerPete
    Off topic, when are we going to see the magazine entries?
  • Stu_
    I know you don't really want serious replies, but yeah, I've picked up a couple of books that I wouldn't have otherwise bought. One of which was about strange museums in the UK by Hunter Davies - a fantastic read.
  • Adam
    I've bought a few in the early days but pretty quickly got into the habit of browsing the books in Waterstones and then going to Amazon to get them even cheaper. Now I do the same but use the Amazon app whilst in Waterstones to buy them. Same for HMV and their 2 for £10.
  • donttouchthehair
    One of the best bits about working in a Waterstones was talking with the customers about what their 3rd book could be, and encouraging them to read something new or different. Or generally just getting them as far away from 'star' biographies as possible. The 3 for 2 was great in the kids section as the parents wanted to get value for money - now the parents will probably be telling their kids that they can only pick up the one book, meaning that they will probably end up reading less.
  • Dick
    > The 3 for 2 was great in the kids section as the parents wanted to get value for money "Value for money" and "children's books" rarely go hand in hand. If looking for specific book(s), amazon nearly always beats 3 for 2 promotions. If I am just after buying kids' books for a present, then thebookpeople are usually better value.
  • donttouchthehair
    @ Dick Yeah, I meant relative to full price. Even when I worked at the shop with my staff discount, I bought nearly all of my books from Amazon because they were still cheaper there! :D
  • The B.
    @donttouchthehair - Depends on what you mean by "star" biographies, in the last year I've read Errol Flynn, 2 x Spike Milligan, a Peter Cook, Kenneth Williams, Eric Sykes, I've got a Alastair Sim and a Margaret Rutherford racked up. But no, I don't use Waterstones, I use Amazon it's particularly handy for most of those bio's as they're out of print and I buy them second hand.

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