Water company website either loves you, or hates you

The Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water website is nothing out of the ordinary; they're a water supplier to around half a million people, and their online presence is reasonably straight forward. There's an image of a gent enjoying a refreshing glass of water, there's an old lady staring at you with suspicion, as if you're a canvassing politician, and so on. It's not going to win awards, but it gets the job done.

Except avid Bitterwallet reader Richard is upset. No, he's not really, but he didn't take the company's mission statement in the manner it was intended. Depending on your tone of voice and intonation when you read it, you'll either feel Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water are compelled to provide the best service possible, or that they'll happily treat you like shit on your shoe:

Bitterwallet - Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water


  • Bullet
    I took it the wrong way, Ooh err Missus
  • myiphoneisbroken
    Surely they are a natural monopoly, not a local monopoly?
  • IvanTheInebriated
    It's just poor English, it'd be better read as "In the knowledge that they have a choice." I tried playing the comma game with it but it still looks wrong. Both the sentences are quite poorly put and don't make a lot of sense. I am guessing they were probably written by a middle manager :P.
  • Junkyard
    @ broken iphone dude - Are the two mutually exclusive? Are they not a natural monopoly in their local market? @ Ivan - The sentences are awkward, but make perfect sense. They're not saying they serve customers "in the knowledge they have a choice" at all, they're saying they serve them "as if they have a choice, even though they don't".
  • issac h.
    Probably written by one of Gordon Brown's minions for an exorbitant fee.
    fuck all white people.
    fuck all white people. AM PINK, DOES THAT COUNT ?
  • Brian
    Looks like we have some BNP supporters here today.
  • Jack

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