Watch a lion eat Steve Jobs live on stage at next Apple event*

For the sake of keeping up appearances and all that, allow us to tell you that next week sees another Apple event. This one involves a lion, according to the event artwork - either it's the new name for an updated Mac OSX operating system (Snow Leopard appeared in August last year), or Steve Jobs reveals himself to be Aslan, true ruler of Narnia. That latter is pure speculation, as is our vaguely misleading headline, although it certain there'll be no mention of iPhones or the mythical 7" iPad just yet - expect to see that in Spring 2011.

Bitterwallet - Mac event October 20

Bitterwallet - not harping on about Apple quite as much as it used to, although we do try.


  • Mike
    The fools. Clearly they should have gone for a 'Return of the Mac' headline.
  • akiss
    Lemon Vagina
  • The B.
    And the browser's named Safari, what a bunch of wags they are.
  • M4RKM
  • PaulH
  • Foxy L.
    @akiss ....should win the 2.40 at Nottingham, but will be hard pushed by TwoheadedSexBeast and FoxBummer. I'll do a reverse forecast if I was you.
  • Jonny S.
    FOXy Lady...just the name gets me going!

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