Warning! Revlon can't change laws of nature and/or space-time

Apparently adverts sometimes exaggerate the truth. Who knew? But just in case there's any sort of confusion, there's always the obligatory small print so lawsuits can be avoided. Still, you've got to wonder what went through the heads of the Revlon marketing execs before adding this warning to their commercial:

Bitterwallet - Revlon



  • mein c.
    Reducto ad* absurdum. They are obliged to show genuine disclaimers in ads, such as 'Cheryl's hair not her own, it is extensions, and you won't get results like this', or 'Can only help slimming if you stop eating all that other shit too'. So they put in ridiculous ones like this to make it all seem like a big joke, and make you laugh instead of be annoyed at the rest of the outrageous fibs they tell you. *no pun intended.
  • Alexis
    You can't grow 'young', but can you grow younger?
  • Brad
    Let hope women who cant have children watch this advert.

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