WARNING: "Fish. May contain fish."

Fish. May contain fish.

We may hold a competition in the new year, to identify businesses that spend an inordinate amount of time stating the bleeding obvious. If avid Bitterwallet reader Colin Morris were to enter this photo of a recent purchase, he'd probably stand a chance of winning.

If we were to hold such a competition, what should we call it? Over to you.

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    I'm not quite sure of the point of this? Food is by law required to be clearly labelled when it contains an allergen even if that allergen is 100% of the product). This type of thing was slightly amusing when the laws were first brought in and we all laughed at peanuts that contained peanuts but it is older than time itself. Oh, and it doesn't say may contain fish - it says contains fish, which makes it even less funny. Don't even bother with the competition - stick to doing the funny stuff. I'll blame Mof Gimmers for the bad influence.

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