Warburtons overtaken by bears

11 July 2014

warburtons-paddington Bread vendors Warburtons are to be renamed Warbeartons.

Don't panic, it's just as a promotional tie-in with the slightly creepy looking Paddington movie that's due to hit the cinemas in November.

Six million 'half-and-half' products (sort of half-arsed ambidextrous white and brown bread efforts) will feature the marmalade sandwich loving bear on its packaging.

There will also be a roadshow touring the country in the form of a double decker bus, with freebies, goodies and adventure guides for families. And as we're in the social media age, if anyone uploads a picture of themselves near the bus, they'll be entered into a competition to win a family holiday.

No specification as to where the holiday will be, but it's unlikely to be Peru.

A brand director named Megan Harrison reckons: "Devoting our packaging to Paddington and taking him on a tour to visit families across the country is a great way to inspire families to go out and have their very own adventures like Paddington"

"Plus, they can get creative with innovative sandwich recipe ideas to help fuel those adventures on the way".


So that's four months of branding ahead of a film about a bear that looks like an axe-murderer. Well done there, everyone.

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  • jim
    massive LOL at those creepy paddington pics - brilliant thanks BW

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