War of the school uniforms: Tesco now £3.75 while M&S makes rubbish


When Paul and I discovered Andy in the play room jumping around ecstatically yesterday in his new £4.75 ASDA school uniform kit, we got rather jealous.

So today, we ventured into the big city to hunt for our own uniforms.

We discovered that Tesco is now selling uniform kits at £3.75, joining in the battle of the 'Uniform War'.

That works out cheaper than 450g of Tesco Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets.

But as the savvy shopper that Paul is, he discovered just down the road that M&S is kitting out uniforms made from utter crap. We mean that literally.

Selling uniforms made out of plastic bottles, and shoes made from leather shaving waste, M&S states that this is "to conserve the earth's natural resources and protect the environment for future generations". Touche.

So where are you buying your school uniform this weekend?

[The Sun & Newslite TV]


  • Tom P.
    "So where are you buying your school uniform this weekend?" I going to Ann Summers, don't mind paying a little extra seeing as my girlfriend has done so well in her "A" & "O" levels.
  • HUKD B.
    [...] moly! Due to Andy was desperate to get home and play naughty teachers in his new school uniform, he whipped out HotUKDeals of the Day staggeringly early, which means he missed this [...]
  • Ten B.
    [...] The school uniform war. A phrase we assumed we’d never hear. Ah well again… [...]
  • Professorcocktricks
    Went to Asdas yesterday to buy some uniform for my DD, only to find that every other colour was available except Green!..I questioned a sales assistant and she said we're not doing green this year!!.....How pathetic!!

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