Wanted: Twitter sarcasm detector

Twitter-Logo1 In news that we had to double-check it wasn't a spoof, the US Secret Service is looking for a software system that can "detect sarcasm and false positives".

Oh, how brilliant.

The nation famous for not getting irony, has advertised on the Federal Business Opportunities website for a device that can accurately analyse social media, just in case someone says they're off to bomb something as opposed to someone joking about going off to bomb something.

A spokesman - who is not named (they don't call it the Secret Service for nothing) said they were using the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Twitter analytics but needed their own, and added: "We aren't looking solely to detect sarcasm."

Another spokesman, this time named Brian Leary:"The Secret Service has had a Twitter account for several years. We are trying to procure a tool that can automate the social media monitoring process; synthesizing large sets of social media data,"

However, a date bod named Jamie Martin said: "We are not currently aware of any automated technology that could do that (detect sarcasm). No one is considered a leader in that".

You can follow and tweet the Secret Service at @secretservice.

Be nice now, don't wind them up (poor things). And instead of spending loads of money on a sarcasm detector, why don't they just hire some teenagers?

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