Want to cancel your T-mobile contract? Here's how to do it

So T-Mobile, then. We've promised you some answers and we've delivered. Last week the service provider told you it was increasing the cost of international roaming by up to 120 per cent, and then told you roaming charges aren't covered by your rights to cancel without charge, meaning you don't even have the right to complain, let alone cancel. We disagreed, and got to work sifting through contracts and talking to folk far more clued-up than us. Trust us when we say we've had off-the-record conversations with the right people on this matter.

What are T-Mobile up to?

T-Mobile are claiming you have no right to cancel your contract without paying a penalty - even if the changes will cause your bills to increase (often referred to as financial or material detriment) - because the proposed increases fall outside the terms of your agreement. That's not strictly true; in fact T-Mobile have created an artificial loophole in your contract to prevent you having any rights in this instance, one that no ordinary customers would be expected to spot.

If we go back to T-Mobile's Terms and Conditions, your Agreement is defined as:

  • The contents of the Terms and Conditions themselves
  • The "What it Costs" Booklet for the relevant Price Plan
  • The "What it Costs" Booklet for Non Standard Charges

Charges for international roaming are in the Booklet for Non-Standard Charges, so they are clearly part of your agreement with T-Mobile. There's no question of it whatsoever - so what's the problem?

In clause 2.11 T-Mobile says it has the right to change the Terms, while in 2.11.2 states the customer has the right to cancel the Agreement without a cancellation charge if there is a change that will cause material detriment. This is where the definitions come unstuck - the Terms are treated as a separate entity to your Agreement, and while the Terms are part of your Agreement, your Agreement isn't part of the Terms. By using the word "Terms" instead of "Agreement" in the clause above, T-Mobile are restricting the cancellation right to the Terms themselves.

So when you reach clause 7.2.3 where T-Mobile explains the customer's right to cancel without penalty, you discover this is restricted to changes in Terms or Price Plans only. Nothing in your rights applies to changes to the charges in the "What it Costs" Booklet for Non-Standard Charges, even though are undeniably part of your contract since they're included your Agreement.

Is it legal?

The bottom line is that T-Mobile are trying to use legal penmanship to confuse you and restrict your right to cancel, even though the proposed price increases affect your contract with them. So the question isn't whether the contract gives you the right to cancel without charge - T-Mobile have deliberately engineered it so it doesn't. The big question is - is your T-Mobile contract unfair and against the law? That's obviously a matter for the courts to decide, not a couple of daft lads in an office like us. However, in our opinion this behaviour falls foul of both Ofcom guidelines and consumer law, specifically the The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 (UTCCR). We won't go into the reasons here - you can read those in in the letter templates we've provided below.

General stuff on cancelling contracts and the law

If by this point you're full of hell and want to cancel your contract, a note from us - you're a big boy now, the decisions you make are your own. We're not telling you to terminate your contract - we're happy to offer advice and tools to take your fight further, but ultimately you are responsible for your actions. Got it? Good.

  • you don't need T-Mobile's consent to terminate a contract. You can always terminate a contract and stop your direct debit by informing your bank. The issue is whether or not you'll be liable for damages for breach of contract or other charges, and whether these costs would be unenforceable and declared as unfair under the UTCCR.
  • the law and not the contract governs, so unfair and artificial restrictions in the contract will be unenforceable under the UTCCR. Again, consumer law beats a contract every time. The ultimate decision is for the Courts - not T-Mobile. The supplier's opinion is not determinative and nor is that of the regulators. Only the Courts can say whether a term is fair or not.
  • ultimately, if you refuse to pay termination charges on the basis they're unfair, will T-Mobile be prepared to sue you for a Court Order? If they do –you have a defence. No summary enforcement is allowed where there is a genuine dispute so they cannot collect disputed sums as debts.

What you need to do if you're going to terminate your contract

  • If you do nothing you will be treated as accepting the changes and will not be able to change your mind later
  • Check the date of any text or other advice to you - if you do want to terminate you must do so immediately and within 30 days of the notice given to you of the increase
  • we've prepared a Termination Template letter (well, a friend prepared it) - just add your details and select from the options and post. Keep a copy and send it by registered post.
  • The contract requires that you must terminate by telephone, so do this as well. Remember, you are telling and not asking them.
  • You need to pay for any items/use for the last 30 days—not included in your advance monthly payment. If you've incurred such charges, call and find out what they are.
  • You can cancel your direct debit and send any final payment for any extra charges for the last 30 days by a cheque marked “in full and final settlement of all obligations." They may try to charge you a Payment Handling Charge for this.
  • If you are still within the minimum term, you might like to take individual legal advice and/or at least find out what T-Mobile would claim from you in charges, so you know your potential exposure if the court found the term was fair in your case.
  • If you want to complain to Ofcom, that's certainly a very good way to pile the pressure on T-Mobile – see the Ofcom Template letter below.
  • If you also wish to complain to the Office of Fair Trading, we thought of that too.

Finally, just so we're we fully understand one another - please don't take any of this as legal advice or a substitute for legal advice. We assume no duty or liability to you - if you've been out drinking with us, you'll know we can barely assume duty or liability to ourselves.

T-Mobile Termination Template Letter

T-Mobile Ofcom Template Letter

T-Mobile OFT Template letter


  • I 3.
    I am waiting in the wings for 3 to cock up. If I have missed this effort, please inform me sooner rather than later..
  • Jimmy
    If you value your credit rating, it's worth bearing in mind that if T-Mob don't accept your cancellation and you don't pay your bills, they're likely to record a 'non-payment' on your credit file. Even if you're completely right, and you're vindicated in court, the likelihood is that this will stay on your credit record. Normally, the best you can hope for is the right to put a note on your credit file explaining the 'default.' It's an interesting post, and I agree that T-mob shouldn't be allowed to do this - but personally, I wouldn't be inclined to cancel my direct debit if I was planning on applying for a credit card or mortgage in the next 6 months. Just an idea.
  • ....
    Nice to see the letter templates, however would it be a good idea to threaten to stop the direct debit but not actually stop it? Also i wounder how many of the same letters tmobile are going to receive now, Good work guys
  • Paul S.
    I don't think T-Mobile will pay any attention to a threat - I think the pint is above that most people believe they need permission to cancel a contract, when in fact there's none required. There be be consequences of doing so, but T-Mobile do not decide whether you can cancel or not.
  • pete d.
    Jimmy's advice is spot on
  • Jimbo
    No it isn't - if you win in court, then the court has decided that t-mobile's actions are unfair and you were within your right to cancel and not pay. Data Protection says the company must remove any inaccurate non-payment notices atached to your file. Amazing that people are so willing to roll over for the sake of a quiet life - that's what all these companies are counting on so they can keep taking the piss. Look at the wording above - read the letters and see what the law says - what t-mobile is doing is wrong, plain and simple. grow a spine people!
  • Dustin
    If you are so worried about paying another measly $0.05 per minute for going over, then why not change your plan to a larger plan that is going to cover the actual amount of minutes you use? T-Mobile allows you to change your plan anytime, even while under contract.
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. Thanks for the template letter thing. Remember, i am yours for the asking Paul Smith.
  • Waplord
    Dustin it's not $0.05 a min over at all, i think you might be missing the point its a 2.5 times increase in some charges and they are NON inclusive so no matter what plan you are on you would be paying them since they don't come out of your allowance.
  • Frugal
    Amazing Guide, I hope it helps many Tmobile customers escape such a devious company
  • Andrew
    There is no loophole. You need to follow through the definition of a few terms, but it is clear that charges in the Non-Standard Charges document *are* a valid cause to cancel. You'll have a hard time getting T-Mobile to admit to it, but here goes: Condition allows you to cancel if a change specified in 7.1.4 is of material detriment to you. Condition 7.1.4 refers to an increase to any Price Plan Charge. "Price Plan Charge" comprises the Charge for the Price Plan and the charges for a Service once any Allowance is used up. "Service" includes the Price Plan Service and any Additional Service. "Additional Service" is an optional/extra service... the terms and conditions for which are set out in our "What it Costs (Non Standard Charges)" booklet. So, if they change something in the Non Standard Charges booklet, it's an Additional Service, which is part of the Service, which falls under the Price Plan Charge, which they can increase under condition 7.1.4, but if they do so you have a right to cancel under condition
  • John
    Has anyone tried to ring and cancel yet on the back of this today, I'm prepairing for ringing them this afternoon. You expect that I will have to pay out the full balance outstanding on my account? In the situation of cancelling the direct debit, in this situation i've got as part of my direct debit a wireless intrnet plug in (of which they sent to a previous address and expected sent back within 7 days, of which I was unable to do, leaving me locked in a contract that they never one explained to me what I am paying and how long long). I'f I was to cancel the direct debit I would still need to be paying for this dongle I believe so, how will I find a way around this? Many thanks for any help
  • 3 B.
    [...] If you’re willing to change out SIM cards, or you are one of those cool people with lots of trouser room and carry 2 phones with you, you can buy a special SIM card that’s cheap for texting and switch to that card when you’re ready to text. You can get cheap SIM cards from Orange and O2, often with 1,000 texts for £10. You should also check out other cheap providers like Ikea Mobile, Tesco Mobile, and Asda Phones, where SMS can work out cheaper than the major networks. But first, don’t forget to cancel T-mobile contract. [...]
  • John
    Does anybody have any idea's how I can get around this as I can't just directly cancel my direct debit.
  • R S.
    Thnaks for the very well worded letters, hope this works!
  • Ofcom B.
    [...] the week when we’ve uncovered a way that T-Mobile customers can get out of their contracts early, it seems that Ofcom have finally decided to tighten up the mobile phone market with some new [...]
  • The B.
    [...] Another day, another mobile phone company tries to hoodwink customers by seemingly redefining the meaning of the word “contract”. Over the Summer we saw Three cancel free roaming, Orange run around like headless chickens doused in petrol, Virgin Mobile quietly change their charges and last week, T-Mobile announced they’re going to screw customers into the ground. [...]
  • John
    Could somebody give me some advice please, I'm desperate to get out of this
  • kirsty
    Sent the letter this morning and just phoned - they tried telling me they hadn't increased their roaming charges, and kept telling me that it comes out of my flext allowance. Didn't actually get anywhere - any suggestions?
  • Ryu
    Im on the t-mob advantage plan ( i get a 50% discount on my line rental). does anyone know if t-mob and orange proposed merger will affect this?? will i lose this discount? if so i will be pissed...
  • Imran
    @ kirsty: flext allownace includes allowance to call ppl in other countries, but thats not roaming. roaming is when u have left the uk and are in another country urself. Then calling or receiveing will cost u even on flext. I think that is what is going up in price.
  • kirsty
    @imran I explained that to her, but she said that hadn't gone up, even though it obviously has. She didn't seem to have a clue what she was talking about, so I'm feeling kind of lost about where to go next if the letter doesn't work.
  • Dale R.
    This is quite interesting, i'll give it a bash tomorrow, if I get no joy I WILL take them to a small claims court, I need some clarification on a couple of things, I have 3 lines with them, and I travel abroud frequently inside and outside of the eu, Does this effect all tarrifs?, I have 2x Combi tariffs, and also does this afect data charges as well, as i have a mobile data line at the tune of £40 per month, all in all i'm paying these people over £100 a month on line rental alone, and I can't get 3G signal in my area so the data line is useless!
  • Mia
    I am desperately trying to cancel a Mobile Broadband contract with them as I have moved abroad 6 months ago...would someone please advise me as to how to do it, what do i risk by just cancelling DD? Thanks :)
  • Paul
    Is there a follow up to this story planned? Has anyone actually managed to break free of their contract or are T-Mobile still holding firm? Any news on an official response from OfCom etc?
  • Tom
    Just got the text today ... I'm on a stupidly low price tariff with T-Mobile ... but still very dismayed at the Orange-TMobile partnership. Really tempted to cancel. My only other telco that I would consider would be Three though. Going to have a look around at tariffs before I shoot myself in the foot!
  • Daz
    I just received the text this morning too. My problem is that my job is taking me to various other countries in the new year and it's now going to cost me more than double what I had expected it would to use my phone!! Now I know that is detrimental to me! And I still have 15 months to go on my contract. I'm digging around at the moment to see what I can find to help me terminate, but it seems that nobody is having any joy with T-Mobile. However, i did stumble across this site, which may be useful when it comes to contracts... http://whatconsumer.co.uk/unfair-contract-terms/
  • Frank
    Just phoned t-mobile, they are adamant that roaming is an additional service and can change it when they like, this is shocking... There must be a way out of this, anyone got out of the contract foc yet? on their website it doesn’t state that roaming is an additional feature at all!??! Makes no sense...
  • alan
    just phoned also. I was told that t-mobile are free to change roaming rates as and when they want, and that i have to pay out my contract to terminate it! Any success stories yet?
  • Nirave
    Going to ring them now and then record the call. Will cut out the security information and upload it on my website for everyone to listen to... Cut the long story short, if they admit that roaming is an additional service and they can change it when they like, then they are breaking Consumer Contract Law and they'll be receiving a letter and a summons from my lawyers.
  • Every B.
    [...] like to come for a kebab from Fat Alan’s in the precinct so that we can get to the bottom of this whole T-Mobile cancellation thing, but they are yet to respond. If they don’t fancy it, we’ll gladly send them a doner that they [...]
  • mustafa
    i have just started my 24month contract less than 30 days ago and am desprate to get out of it...this is a huge hope for me, anyone had any success stories
  • kirsty
    Received a text this morning saying they got my letter (the template from this site) and aim to reply within 7 days, I'll keep you updated.
  • Andrew
    Firstly, roaming is an Additional Service. Secondly, they can change it when they like. But, if they change it to your detriment, the contract *does* entitle you to cancel without penalty. The argument I've had with them is about whether the definition of "Service" includes an "Additional Service" - which it clearly does.
  • Jay
    Just received a call from t-mobile, they said no to canceling even after sending the letter, what do I do now?
  • Lucas
    This is a great discussion place. Loved the templates. I joined t-mobile in December 2008 (they promised me they were better than all the other networks.... HA HA HA).... FIRST ISSUE = Brought the phone home after they done the postcode checker and said I had excellent 3g signal. I DIDN'T (1 bar to none)... Went back and told them I wanted to cancel, they told me I had to ring Tmobile to do that... I rang Tmobile, they said I had to cancel it in the store I bought it, this went on for weeks until I was outside the 28 days cancellation clause..... They then told me that because I was outside the 28 days TOUGH!!!! SECOND ISSUE = I had 3 months left on my o2 contract and Tmobile said they would give me the first 3 months free. They started charging me on the second month.... I rang up and AGAIN was told to take it up with the store were I bought the phone as they were the ones that told me 3 months and they only have 1 month on their system..... I went down to the store and they said that I had to ring up and discuss it with Tmobile!!!!! THIRD ISSUE = Sent the Template you guys KINDLY supplied, got a reply saying they were not in breach of the contract and if I cancelled my direct debit they would take further legal action.... I have now sent a letter to see if I can call their bluff by saying that I will be more than willing to go to court over this as I am in the right. I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THIS SO CALLED COMPANY CAN GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!!
  • mustafa
    dear lucas..atleast you had 28 days...i had 7! contacted them today and they where not going down without a fight infact the lady i talked to (claire i think her name was) was soo confident she gave me ofcoms e-mail address and phone number. i will use the template to email ofcom to see what they say. and will inform people how it goes.
  • Cancel B.
    [...] week we provided everything you needed to cancel your T-Mobile contract, after the company announced charges for international roaming would increase sharply. We talked [...]
  • Jonathan
    can i cancel my sim card going to 177 lindsay avenue because i dont need it please send me a email when you have canceled it my email address is [email protected] im not on t-mobile
  • Jonathan
    have you canceled the sim cards now
  • obvious t.
    Jonathan: The idea is that you cancel the contract yourself using the information provided.
  • raj
    Hi, Has anyone sent out the template letters and received a reply yet?
  • T-Mobile B.
    [...] of you have been using our template letters and are being stonewalled by T-Mobile’s refusal to back down over this one. If you’re serious [...]
  • Zero
    I have seen this idea before regarding contract and infact i had some success with this type of issue during the summer with another phone operator. I also want to cancel my t-mobile contract but it appears to be harder with t-mobile, so far no one here has had any luck yet. :(
  • Tim
    All who are having problems on the phone to them - have this phrase in mind, and repeat it back to them regardless of what they come back to you with: "My contract advises that I need to inform you by phone that I intend to cancel. That's what I'm doing - please add a note to my account to that effect" Get the name of the person you're speaking to, and note the date and time you made the call. That's all you need to do then - you've met your obligations. If the advisor isn't prepared to add such a note...well, that's T-Mobiles problem, not yours - you have met your contractual obligation.
  • Law
    Any definitive updates on this yet? I assume they are still worming their way out of it? Atleast Orange had the decency a few months ago to actually follow their contract rules. Have to say I have not been overjoyed with my move from o2 to T-Mobile.
  • Cancel B.
    [...] may seem like the T-Mobile debacle is but a fading memory, with the mobile operator stonewalling any customer who pointed out their behaviour over increasing [...]
  • Ofcom B.
    [...] saga concerning T-Mobile has taken a surprising twist today. For six weeks we’ve highlighted T-Mobile’s refusal to deal fairly with customers, with regards to the service provider’s massive increases in the cost of international [...]
  • Jamila
    I tried “only” to speak to a Manager in T-mobile in Crouch End about my contract. In fact I’m moving to France for a new job. I took even my offer employment letter as a proof and try to find an arrangement or other options to keep the number and have a pay as you go system. This Manager has been entirely unprofessional, very negative and jumpy actually shouting at me! When I told him about his behaviour, he told me that I was shouting at him. This was my answer : I’m a customer, I might be rising my voice because you are not helping me as a Manager, anyway can any one help me or advise me what to do next as it looks like I’m really tied up as (Mr Manager) said. I’ve been with them for over 6 years...I’m really, really shocked about poor service and the behaviour of this Manager. Please, I need some advise. Thanks
  • Kunal
    I have had an issue with T-Mobile, not relating to roaming but to voicemail. I was a T-Mobile customer and came to the end of my contract. The sales guy on the phone convinced me to renew on a new deal but neglected to mention that voice mail no longer comes free. So now I have loads of voicemail charges on my bill when I did not before. T-Mobile claim this is non-core information that sales people are not required to tell me at time of contract renewal. I disagree. Do you think I can cancel based on the fact that I was mis-sold the deal? They defend their position by saying that I could have asked for the new terms and conditions before agreeing...
  • jamie
    kanul...argue mis-representation of a contract i know for a fact that what they did to you is not allowed as i studied it a year ago in contract law but we didnt go into too much detail as im a business student but yeh...deffo have a point and should deffinatly be allowed out of your contract if that term has been changed
  • Heather, E.
    [...] See the Bitter Wallet for more useful info. [↩] [...]
  • David
    Hey guys, I wonder if I still can cancel the contract somehow. I'm leaving the country soon and still have 9 months of the contract to go. I called them but of course he didn't offer any other way but to pay the termination fee. What can I do?
  • dan
    hi there i just brought a t-mobile contract out 2 a day ago i want 2 get rid of it and they are telling i cant take it back but i not had it 7 days yet and they are saying no cant take it back. what can i do???
  • to d.
    dear dan keep ringing they should deffinatly allow you to leave your contract if its within 7 days...go to the shop and complain if you have to
  • Magda
    Hello I have been with T-mobile for many years now and been very happy with the service. I have unlimited texts to UK mobiles . I have noticed I have been charged for international texts that aren't my contacts and after calling customer service been told that the person is abroad and as using another network while been there even though I send a message to UK mobile number get charged for international one . Is it fair and legal? I don't think so and definately not willing to get charged for it as I think it should be the person abroad charged since I am sending a text to UK mobile within my allowance? What shall I do? many thanks Magda
  • yogi
    Could someone answer David's query posted on the 24th jan, as i am in the same boat. Cheers. David's question: Hey guys, I wonder if I still can cancel the contract somehow. I’m leaving the country soon and still have 9 months of the contract to go. I called them but of course he didn’t offer any other way but to pay the termination fee. What can I do?
  • Nirav
    yah u can break the contract without paying termination fees. You need to fax them your flight ticket leaving the country with application on paper that there is no service of T-mobile in your area. And you are not going to pay any termination fee except your last final bill amount. And datz it. Its done, many of my friends have used service for 6 months and broke the contract due to they left the country.
  • arrty
    Hi , i took a Tmobile contract (24 months) in Uk since 1 month , but in 2 months i am moving abroad , will i have problems if i stopped to pay and close my bank account ?
  • Pinky
    I have been eagerly reading this thread hoping it would help me with my problem with T-mibile. To cut it as short as possible, I renewed my contract last year purely because they said they were getting the iPhone. I didn't take a new phone. They told me to go back into the store in a month or 2 and I could upgrade. I have now been in 8 times, over 8 months, and equally as many times on the forum and have been told its 'who i know' as to wether I get one or not, or I have to go via a 3rd party called 'Chitter Chatter'. I contacted Ofcom, who agreed I had been mis sold a contract. T Mobile say I have to pay £348 to get out early, they don't care about the 8 months worth of lies they have told me. I'm angry...why didn't they admit they weren't getting it? Whats worse is that I spoke to head office today, to Shaun Gibbon, who says 'you have no choice'. I informed him I had stopped using the sim and phone and that I would return it to him, he simply said he would send it back as it was my phone! he informs me I have no choice but to pay up. Can anyone help me with this??
  • Pinky
    I forgot to add that I still have the monthly Direct Debit running, paying for the line rental and the calls/texts (which I no longer make!) I informed Shaun Gibbons, at the Hatfield Head Office, I would stop the DD if he wasn't prepared to be civil and come to an agreement (which he wasn't). He informed me if I do this I have ruined my credit status.He tells me to go ahead and do what I will with Ofcom and Cisas!
  • Alex
    You've probably mentioned this but I want to cancel my contract but I was thinking will I be able to keep my number and will I be charged £100 or more for it? Please let me know thank you
  • Luke
    Advice please, I am on a set monthly contract with T-mobile. However, they have charged me four times my usual amount for the month as i ''went over my amount''.However, I agree that i went over but not to the extent they are charging me for. What would happen if I cancelled my direct debit with them? Can I get in legal trouble? Thanks
  • Adam
    I upgraded my phone with T Mobile 2 days ago and I don't like my new phone at all (it was a free upgrade). I took the new phone back (not used at all) and tried to swap it for a better phone (£70 for handset). The manager refused to swap it and told me I could'nt cancel the contract either! I have been told by a friend that the 28 days get out clause gives me a chance to ask to cancel my new contract in the hope that they may swap the phone for the better one which im happy to pay for. Anyone give any advice or help to resolve this? I would rather they let me change the handset than cancel the contract. Cheers
  • ella
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  • ella
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  • Julia
    I want to cancel 2 phones. I'm on a 24 month contract that started in March. One phone hasn't be used since end Sept as my son left to study abroad, the other I use and I rarely use the full limit, and want to pay less. The problem is, when we upgraded we took up the offer to upgrade handsets. To fancy touchscreens. Can I still cancel and if so do I have to return the handsets?
  • tracy w.
    the service is rubbish ,,,,theres never any signall and im paying a bill for NOTHING when it works it works and i keep getting t.mobile youve used 80 per cent ....well stick this service ...my contracts over 18 months ....30days notice for what no service or signall ....????
  • chris w.
    i wish i knew how they work there bills out ?????? and service....very poor
  • kerri
    what would happen if the customer had lost their phone and they are on a 24 month contract without insurance, and they wanted to cancel their contract , would it be possible ?
  • hailie
    i really want to cancel my t-mobile internet, i have a dongle and no matter were i go in the house i cant get a signal, i have rang up and said this to them but they just keep saying there is nothing they can do as i took the contrat out at a different address, they also told me they wont send a technician out to verify i have no siganl as there data base says i have an excellent signal, its only £10 a month but its not the point, why should i pay for something i cant use!
  • katie w.
    hi, I am on a T-mobile 24 month contract and I hate my phone! I spoke to a woman in the T-mobile store and she said that to change the phone on the contract "early" would mean me paying off all of the 24 months (of which I have done 4) and in a sneaky way buy a new contract from them! I dont particularly want to leave T-mobile, i just want a new phone! is there any way i could legally and cheaply do that? thanks
  • Miriam
    I upgraded to a Nokia N8 in November and have spent the last 6 months banging my head against a brick wall. The phone's memory is dysfunctional and defunct - losing my contacts, erroneously registering text messages from one sender to a completely different contact. I'm a doctor and I use this phone for work as well as personal...as you can imagine, this phone's memory could put me in breach of confidentiality in the workplace. I have complained on numberous occasions to no avail. The phone was replaced with another Nokia N8 only 4 weeks ago when it completely died on me. The new one is up to the very same antics. This time they told me they would give me an iphone to appease me but that the manager would have to arrange this directly with me...I have been waiting nearly 3 weeks for the manager to get back to me and I'm tired of trying. I want to be released from my contract and nothing further to do with T-mobile. The idea of entering another 2 year contract with a company that has been so difficult thus far is not appealing. Some advice please.
  • rainer a.
    hi there, about a month ago i switched phone providers from t-mobile to metro pcs. at the time i did not have a contract with t-mobile, it had expired for 3 months already but i sent my previous month bill and i had 7 days of usage in current period that i am responsible for. then comes the bill for a full month charge although it was only used for 7 days, i called their customer service dpt and the rep ( as usuall) was a bit rude and told me that as part of "our agreement" since i did not notified them in advance of the cancellation i have to pay full month charge, i told them that there was no contract standing between us but then she got upset and basically told me that that was it, i kept my cool the whole time but she would not understand, even told her that i was willing to pay a prorated amount for the days used but nothing went through. my question is: is there any legal resources they can use to force me to pay full amount even though i only partially used their service and my contract was expired for months at the time? thanks.
  • Frank R.
    Hi, My wife and I have a family plan and a 2 year contract with T-Mobile - we are on year 1. I left for Brazil and was gone for about 5 weeks. Just before I left for Brazil I called T-Mobile on the phone and asked them to turn my voice mail OFF for the time being cause they charge ridiculous international roaming fees, even if the voicemail picks up the call. I specifically told them to only turn MY voicemail OFF and NOT my wife's, which the operator confirmed my request and said that hers was still ON. I come back to LA now to find out that her phone's voicemail was OFF as well for this whole entire time. She depends on her messages for work and bc of that lost work. Is there anything I can do about this? Can, should I sue them? Can I cancel my contract bc of that? Or they can just make a mistake and do whatever they want and this is how it is? Thank YOU!!!
  • keke
    Me and my boyfriend has a 2yr family plan with tmobile and by all means they are terrible. I
  • mmonagahan
    I wish id never ventured onto contract phones. B4 i was a happy pay-as-u-go But i found if you cancel the monthly contract during the trlrvant month you have to pay another month so it seems to me its a two month contact ? NOW i have a two year contract for a girl who I no longer trust . I cant stop her overusing the phone or supposedly losing the phone and getting me a large bill . Id prefer to cancell the contract and pay whats the fee , but does the used phone have to be returned ? Help help help
  • evrra
    hi, im under 18 and i took 24 months contract on my cousind name. but now i dont have how to pay becouse i dont get paid from school animore. i wonder if i can cancel my contract if my cousind say that someone lese took contract under his name without he know anything? is it legal becouse im under age please anyone know something?
  • annie
    hi, im currently with t-mobile and i want to cancel both contracts. i been charged for calls and texts that dont even belong to my phone number. i rang customer service but they insisted that i should pay for all the costs even though i wasnt abroad. i also wanted then to cancel my contracts but they said there will be a termination charge and further monthly payments to pay. im guenially disgusted by t-mobile and they have been of no help.what can i do?
  • pjf
    You cant stop the signal.
  • jayjay
    I signed a 2 year contract and now I dont like paying my bill any more. Can i just stop paying and keep the nice expensive phone. Or am I an ass?
  • steph
    Jay rest assured ~ YOUR AN ASS lmfao
  • Paul
    Hi, I just bought a T-Mobile SIM ONLY - 30 day contract at 25.54p/month from phones4u today. However I want to cancel the contract. How much is it going to cost me to do so and what are the formalities? thanx
  • arben
    Arben: I almost have the same problem as the guys here below. I have been told that international students even if they enter into 2 year contract they will be allowed to get out of it when they leave US. Now they say we changed that policy and you must pay termination fees. The Agreement did not say anything about the international stundet policy, but the costumer representatives of T-Mobile admitt that the policy was internaly communicated and used. No in the middle of the contract they chnged their mind. What are the ways to deal with this costumer fraud they are into? ______________________ Posted by yogi • March 2, 2010 at 12:06 am Could someone answer David’s query posted on the 24th jan, as i am in the same boat. Cheers. David’s question: Thanks Hey guys, I wonder if I still can cancel the contract somehow. I’m leaving the country soon and still have 9 months of the contract to go. I called them but of course he didn’t offer any other way but to pay the termination fee. What can I do?
  • Aurelia K.
    Hi I have been unemployed for a couple of months now and before my husband got really sick we decided to get some phones so we can stay in touch. We went to a T-Mobile store and we wanted to get prepaid cells but the sells-man convinced my husband that is better to get into a contract cause it's cheaper etc. Well, he did enter a contract and we ended up getting 2 phones. Now, since I am still unemployed and my husband is fighting cancer I cant seem to make ends meet. For now, we only have my unemployment checks to live off. I was wondering if T-Mobile has something like a financial hardship policy where they can let my husband out of the contract? I'd appreciate it if any of you guys know anything. Thanks in advance. Lia Kerr
  • Naomi L.
    November last year I took out a contract with T-mobile on a Blackberry Curve 9300, since I have had it Ive had endless problems with the battery support. The phone always saying their is no battery or that it isnt charged when it is. I have been fightin an endless battle with them, they said they wont repair it or replace it. Because its against the law! thats what tmobile have told me several times across the phone. Im fed up of their poor services, they are saying the only choice I have is to paty them £251 to end the contract. but the funny thing is I pay insurance on my phone, and they are sayin that wont cover it! Im so annoyed at their services! what can i do to end my miserable time with these robbing fools, without having to pay.?
  • Kiera
    Ive took out a 24 month contract with T-mobile, paying £20.00 a month for 300 texts, 300 mins and unlimited internet access. the only thing is i get charged like 3 times a month for various amounts and keep getting letters saying i missed a bill and have to pay like £60.00. sorry but how does that work? i can honestly say i have never gone 'over' on my allowances so where are these extra charges coming from? i want to terminate the contract but have 15 months left and from researching whether there are any charges it would cost me around £300.00 to cancel, sorry but i refuse to pay that after all the money they have been taking from my account over the last 9 months! i just want to know, do i have to go in store or can i do it on the phone? id rather go to pay as you go, at least that way i know exactly what im spending, T-mobile is such a let down, always used them but not bothering after this.
  • revans
    ok i have a t-mobile dongle, its SUPPOSED to cost £10 a month and is costing £24+ WTH!?!?!? i needa cancel it but the services are horrid
  • wilson h.
    i need help im not in a contract but my 2 cellphones are i use to pay 20 $ for the cellphones plus the line and i change from regular pay to prepaid and i didnt know that everything will change now i have a bill of 641 dollars that i cant pay and it is going to collection will it affect too much my mom credit, she is looking to buy a house please help the only way is to pay the bill but is 175$ for 2 month every 15 days i dont have money to pay the prepaid , i just cant pay this shit that i dont even use ..
  • susan b.
    I have been paying my grandsons mobile phone bill for about 3 years, he was on a fixed monthly rolling contract of £15. He has just turned 18 and decided to take out a contract in his own name. The salesman took the previous 3 years into account and sold him a 24month contract but in my name and not my grandsons. My grandson signed the contract in his name. I phoned the next day and spoke to the manager and was told it could be transferred to my grandsons name after he had been credit checked. As he has no credit history I decided to leave it as it was. I s the contract legal as I have not signed it or agreed to it verbally?
  • steve
    Hi guys, Ive been having loads of connection problems with t mobile since the merged with orange, i've tried many times to cancel my contract but they just say " all we can do is discount your bill" but this still means i'm paying for poor service... the other option is they want me to pay a 300 pound cancellation fee steve
  • Anne
    I've been a Tmobile customer for 7 years, finally going for an upgrade about a year ago for the first time (before that I always stuck with the crappy free phone). When I signed the new contract for my upgrade they assured me that I could break it early if I was moving out of the country (which I was planning to do in a year's time, as I was applying for graduate programs abroad). However, it seems that they changed the contract last February so that this 'early termination' policy does not apply anymore. Luckily, I have some lawyers in my family who have assured me that this is basically illegal (aside from being just plain WRONG). I have decided not to pay the fee and am looking into pursuing legal action for wrongful charges - is there any current suit I can join in?
  • Irma
    If there is a suit, let me know, I want in. I have several issues with them, including their claim that I cannot cancel my account in writing, which I did because one cannot get through on their phone lines or through the chat.
  • himel
    hi guys....i m using my t-mobile contract about 1 year...although the service is rubbish but my family and all frndz r calling me on this phn..now-a-day i m getting a huge problem that my phone sony Ericsson vivaz is completely shit..its touch screen is not working...i can't call my mom and daddy last 1 week...really painful...i want to cancel my contract..if any idea that i can cancel it without any charge,,, regards
  • rebecca
    Sicce tmobile joined orange have the terms and conditiond of my contrac changed i am 12 month into a 24 month contract
  • wombat
    T Mobile 18 month personal contract - due to expire May 2011). also had a mobile broadband dongle on a personal contract that concluded later. Payment of that contract was by direct debit - and in order to avoid excess charges, i also had a standing order setup for same contract value (55 a month) - so frequently, i had zero bill - as allowance was rarely exceeded, and so minimal if any direct debit was used. I often received bills with 'minus balance' . My company always paid mobile bill. Jan 2011 decided to convert personal account to business account contract. Handled by business team : received final bill of personal contract - credit note, (account in credit by @ 390). I then signed for 2 new blackberry contracts + dongle = 105 a month (18 mths). These are paid monthly on contract as agreed by direct debit. 'New' business account so t mobile required a deposit for international use..... (100 gbp). For whatever reason, t mobile applied this to the personal account - no idea why. Thereafter ; T Mobile UK received - 55 a month (my business bank error) to old personal contract that did not exist + 105 a month to business account as per new contract. when mentioned to t mobile accounts re overpayment : no one ever explained what or why - most simply accepted an error occurred and past the buck between personal / business account dept errors. They repaid me 170 pounds in May 2011 (overpayment) - then suspended business account same month for 'no deposit paid' - whilst ignoring they had at this stage, 220 in payments error - and that since then they have received a further 55 a month - which despite 40+ phone calls between May - October they have only just acknowledged. Yesterday they acknowledged they have received these sums - in addition to business account bills, so they now have a excess payment (on personal account of 495 pounds) . Last week when i asked, they said 'no return of (100 pound) deposit (business account) as no credit history with them, yet they have mugged me for 55 a month for almost 10 months, on an account that should have been closed, in addition to business account charges,.............. I asked them last week - was passed around 6 different persons, each time I relayed the same details (on phone over 1 hr ) and the last 'business account person' advised she would 'look into this, and call you back' - needless to say, she simply never called and sent a text and said, too busy, sorry - bill due by x date'. That has occurred multiple times.
  • Kevin
    I bought a phone with a t-mobile contract from an internet vendor BuyMobilePhones.net. The phone malfunctioned, as the contract is with T-mobile can I take it back to the T-mobile store for them to action the repair....? or do I have to send it to the original vendor Many thanks for your help
  • Edward
    Hi, I have a big problem with tmobile, i am comming to the end of my contract but i have been unhappy with the service i was provided with, i took it out last year in april for a 2 year deal paying £25 a month, the phone broke 3 times within two years but i still paid my contract, i have since sold my phone (to many problems with it) and am looking to cancle my contract when it runs out in the new year, i was just wondering if their was a way in which i could cancle it early due to the circumstances mentioned above, i have took out a new contract with vodaphone via the carphone warehouse so could i use this to bribe tmobile? if you could let me know asap that would be great. :) thanks
  • Carlos
    Hello all, I began with T-Mobile on August 2011, I agreed on there LG G2X for free and a 2 year contract. I though I was getting a good deal on the phone. Well, I should have known anything free is not really free. The phone did not work properly. The phone after some Google research had an existing software and hardware problem. This problem was never mentioned to me at the time of agreeing with the contract. They have replaced the phone twice with the same issues. Now each time I spoke to a tmobile rep I explained that I went with tmobile so that I can have a working phone and good service. The reps would just tell me "well its protocol to send you a replacement" Mind you this is withing two month span I'm having these issues. I even had a rep tell me that I had 30 days to cancel my contract. That would have been nice since the second rep I spoke to told me 15 so I was screwed. Now after numerous phone calls and emails. Tmobile will not cancel my contract unless I pay $200 to get out. There only way to solve my issue is to exchange my phone with a Sidekick phone. I'm not a teenager so I refused the phone. Please is there anything I can do to get out out this contract?????
  • Gordo
    " I bought a phone with a t-mobile contract from an internet vendor BuyMobilePhones.net. The phone malfunctioned, as the contract is with T-mobile can I take it back to the T-mobile store for them to action the repair….? or do I have to send it to the original vendor Back to the original supplier of the phone - tmobile are you provider of service.
  • Gordo
    Posted by Luke • August 25, 2010 at 8:07 pm Advice please, I am on a set monthly contract with T-mobile. However, they have charged me four times my usual amount for the month as i ”went over my amount”.However, I agree that i went over but not to the extent they are charging me for. What would happen if I cancelled my direct debit with them? Can I get in legal trouble?" Why take out something your are not willing to pay for? The charges are clear and there are many ways you can check your usage...... You cancel your direct debit, they will Chase you for a few weeks and then pass you strata debt onto a debt collection agency. Therefore affecting your credit rating ect. Get a grip and pay your dues!
  • Gordo
    Posted by steve • September 18, 2011 at 5:35 pm Hi guys, Ive been having loads of connection problems with t mobile since the merged with orange, i’ve tried many times to cancel my contract but they just say ” all we can do is discount your bill” but this still means i’m paying for poor service… the other option is they want me to pay a 300 pound cancellation fee Poor service is better than no service.... Have u tried to call them and try and resolve the problems rather than trying to cancel. No Service they would possibly look at cancelling if a mast was taken down in your area resulting in 0 coverage.
  • Gordo
    Posted by Edward • November 10, 2011 at 2:54 pm Hi, I have a big problem with tmobile, i am comming to the end of my contract but i have been unhappy with the service i was provided with, i took it out last year in april for a 2 year deal paying £25 a month, the phone broke 3 times within two years but i still paid my contract, i have since sold my phone (to many problems with it) and am looking to cancle my contract when it runs out in the new year, i was just wondering if their was a way in which i could cancle it early due to the circumstances mentioned about" You sold the phone........... Why didn't you use the money you made from selling the phone to pay towards paying off your contract?
  • ahmed
    I have a contract with t-mobile for 24 months and now it past like 5 months and now i want to cancel it and do another contract. Please let me know if you know how to cancel.
  • Mobile
    Thanks for every other excellent article. The place else may just anybody get that type of information in such a perfect method of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such information.
  • Dave K.
    I have been trying to cancel my T mobile contract for 3 months (expired 10th October 2011). Firstly I wrote a letter to infrom them that I was cancelling then I stopped the direct debit. I then got a reply saying that I had to phone 150 to cancel. I phoned 150 but was hanging on each time for over an hour so I wrote another letter stating this. I then got another letter through with asking me for 2 months payment and stating again that I would need to phone 150 to cancel. Surely my 1st Letter in writing is notice of termination ? Any advice please Regards Dave Knowles
  • michael a.
    I need your advice how to break the contract under the name of other person (family plan). Thank you. Michael
  • Zenny A.
    Hi I need your advice! I have been with T-Mobile for many years now and have just got a job abroad, I called them up to say I wanted to cancel my contract and was surprised when I was told I had to pay a cancellation fee. I would mind otherwise if the fee was under £100, but it is way more than I can afford. What can I do? Thanks
  • shelley c.
    hi my name is shelley,ive had my tmoblie for year now,its costing me a fortune,you saying that ive got so many minutes and free txts,im not going over and still getting charged,my contract does not run out until next year,i would like to use the same phone, but change to pay as u go with you,i just can't afford it,sometimes its 50 pounds a month, which is a lot when ive got a family, have you got any ideas, my brother said you were good, but ive had a lot of problems, thank you for understanding my situation .
  • Andrew
    There's an awful lot of people here wanting to get out of contracts asking for advice on an article that is over 3 years old... What stops any of you selling the phone, and using the money to buy the contract out!? (ie pay all the remaining months off in one go). I am guessing you all got the phone ''free'' at the start of the contract...therefore you need to pay out the full contract in order to pay the network back for that original ''free'' phone. This country is in the dogs because of people that get now, then don't want to pay later... a bit of financial responsibility wouldn't go amiss....!!!
  • Chris
    I have recently moved and T-Mobile have network in my new post code, T-Mobile offered ro cancel my contract free of charge if I returned the handsets. I have done and have the recorded delivery proof and I have now been told by T-Mobile that I have to pay the early termination fee and they are keeping the handsets, this I find shocking as I have taken out a new contract on there advice and now have two bills instead of one !!! Disgusted and I would highly advise anyone not to take out a contract with T-Mobile
  • Maria s.
    Sorry for this contract iam jobless i dont have money to pay T MOBIL im so sorry.
  • Basil A.
    I had a 18 months contract that expired in November. I am out of the UK for a while and t-mobile did not terminate my contract. When I called to speak with someone I was told cancellation was not automatic. The contract was then fixed to be terminated on January 15th 2012 with loads of charges. How do I get this charges cancelled since it is outside of my contract term?
  • BB 0
    T mobile have just offered to cancel my contract and take the handset back and NOT charge me an early termnation fee!!! WOW .. How did I do it? Well you have to play the game and complain and complain. Anyway long story short I have a 2 year CONtract with Tmobile and a Iphone 4. I have experienced dropped calls because of poor coverage and have made 100s of calls to Tmobile with just being fobbed off and led down the garden path with blatent lies. First they ask you to provide examples of times and dates of failed the calls wich I have done several times and it's just a time wasting process to string you along hoping you will go away wich most people do. Their technical department have all the dropped calls in front of them! as I found out when speaking to them. I argued that they could not provide me with the service they had promised me and after 12 months into the contract the lady from complaints agreed cancel. However this was after kicking up a hell of a fuss,getting phone replaced,many many credits and a reduction in line rental until the end of my contract. So they think they are cleaver well now I pay £15 a month for unlimited calls,texts,web and have a few free add ons i.e 1 hour 08 numbers,Apple upgraded me to a 4s because I told them it has 4 antenas. I could go on but the point of my little story is to turn you problem to your advantage like me. I now have an iphone 4s unlimited calls,web ect for £15 a month with loads of compensation, now thinking I can live with the dropped calls.. Tmobile did lie to me and say temperary repairs had been carried out on the mast and the will fix the problem for good in a few weeks. I lost interest for a few weeks called back and they had no record of my conversation....So make notes as they do call em once a week for updates both ways and ask for proof repairs have been done. Under the sales of goods act the law is on the consumers side and lucky for me I had worked in retail for a few years so know more than the average person but its nothing you can't find on the net. If you lose your job or move abroad they can cancel a contract (duty of care). Final point when contract was taken out I was told free calls to all networks ect what about lybra and the others?! well I got refunded for the calls they charged me for and now have a tarrif (the full monty) which includes these networks in your free minutes.. Im not saying that was down to me but if everyone everywere compained more Tmobile and the likes would rethink. The one thing that really got the lady from complaints wound up was when I requested a copy of all the data they have on me including the notes from all the different department and proof of all works carried out on the mast. The pause was long!! but I did not break the uncomfortable silence just waited. SO PEOPLE DON'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER AND GROW A PAIR OF BALLS RESEARCH YOUR FACTS AND DON'T LET SOME SNOOTY GIRL FROM TMOBILE TELL YOU WHAT CAN BE DONE YOU TELL THEM!!!!! sorry I went on a bit but thats what you have to do with Tmobile. Theirs always a wayout you just have to find it don't be bullied and don't give in make it as hard and long winded for them as possible. How much time does Linda in complaints have!!! Xs your compaint by 10 and thats her week filled and your contract cancelled and try and do it by email or letter so you have evidence it is so convenient for them to omit notes in your favour,get them to call you back and complain via Tmobile website email complaints. Compaints section is a bit hard to find on the site but WHY is that!!!! once you found it they have to call you back within 48 hours or you can call 150 and hang for an hour then the call drops in mid complaint...... dont start me off on that..... hope this has helped.. Just thought pay me and I will get you out of your contract £100 a contract lol
  • babu
    if i sign a contract with AT&T and if I leave the country will the take all my property and money in that country?? i bought it through my credit card?? please help!!!
  • Heather, C.
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  • wapwap
    I am not sure the place you are getting your info, but good topic. I must spend some time learning much more or figuring out more. Thanks for fantastic info I was looking for this info for my mission.
  • andzwe
    i have i phone contract with t mobile for last six month the bill usually over 35 ,min 35 how can i cancel it or go to the lower paid contract by cancelling this one need advice
  • Annie
    My 18 month T-mobile contract has now ended? Do I need to notify them that I wish to move to another network, or just request a PAC number? Also, do I need to provide written confirmation to T-mobile to cancel my contract or is verbal confirmation sufficient? Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.
  • George
    Hi I'm with T-mobile , I have a 2 year contract expiring February 2013 at £60 a month, because I"m leaving the country for a new job overseas is there any way of braking the contract without having to pay the rest kind regards Arminio PITTANA
  • Emma L.
    4 Months ago I received a notifcation from T-Mobile that they were unable to take my DD due to the bank account being fraudulent. Despite being a customer for 7 years and using the same account. Checking with the bank, obviously there were no problems. When trying to pay by card, they said the card had been reported as stolen. No problems at the bank or any other dd or payments with the card anywhere else. I made payment direct from my account manually until this month when they refused that as well. Subsiquently they cut me off! There is nothing wrong with my card or account and the problem is with TMobile. Speaking to their CS just goes in circles and they keep saying the same thing and can I pay through somebody elses account. I just want to go to another provider. Is this just reason to cancel the contract?
  • Markk
    I have had a contract with t-mobile for a year now, and i have a 24 month contract with them, however i jave just recently been laid off and can no longer afford to pay for my contract, do you have any idea how much i could be charged to cancel or what would happen?
  • jarfu
    Take a close look at Clause 2.12.1 - in many contracts it prints gibberish enabling you to cancel on the basis it is deliberately confusing and ambiguous, making it impossible to ascertain what terms and conditions affect the agreement in accordance with the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 ( Sure it may just be a typo on their part but its enough legally to cancel without paying any charges.)
  • Tom
    I have been having on going treatment meaning time of work and set for a long time of work as I have to under go an operation. Despite a letter from my dr to t-mobile stating all this they are refusing to release me from my contracts that I can't afford to pay meaning I am falling behind on payments and won't be able to keep paying them. Is there away out? Surely under poor health they would legally have to release me for free
  • Trang
    I have 24months contract with T mobile. I allways pay £36 per month.but they allways charge me more than that. My contract past like 5 months.I would like to cancel T mobile contract. Please let me know how can i cancel with pay a pew money for that but not pay more than 1years of my my contract left. Thank you.
  • K h.
    Mother about to die. After 2 hrs one rep told us had to transfer acct to my partner. I phoned and rudely told she needs to sign a letter 'or her dr as she hasn't died yet. No compassion no sensitivity - just rude rude. Does anyone know policy for imminent deceased / deceased cancelling t mob contract. Appalled at service
  • Chelle
    Does anyone actually reply to your posts on here or do they just submit their own problem grrrr frustrating
  • insider
    Some good and bad comments on here. Firstly, I love these stupid people who say " my bill should be 35quid a month but they keep charging me extra".. Check your bills!!!!!! They can't just add money for no reason, it must be something u don't realise. Why just pay a bill without querying!???!! Secondly, You can request to cancel at anytime HOWEVER, you need to pay off any remaining line rental in a lump sum. BUT, tmobile will give a 4% discount and if its still to much you can pay in installments. I did this with 7 months left at £30 a month. They split it into 4 payments and I made the money back when I sold the phone on eBay :-)
  • TTTlv
    What can I do if my contact is registered by Vista, and when I go to Tmobile the cliek call the service and I said I would pay the bill. as if they what to make sure what will I do, I have nothing to say and told them I would pay.
  • elizebethbuckley
    phone 07916327506 please cancel my contract as from to days date my address is 170 dalmarnock rd glasgow g40 4dd
  • lol
    Dear morons, This isn't T-Mobile's site. Even if it was, you can't cancel your contract by leaving a message on a forum. Jesus tapdancing Christ.
  • Ian
    t mobile are disgracefull. ive paid all they askef for and still iam getting bills from credit agencies.my advice take them to court.im on benifits. they will be luck to get50p a week off me.ive rights aswell
  • sandra j.
    i wish to cancel my t mobile my contract runs out 10th may , i know i need to give a month notice can i just ring up or does it have to be put down in wriing [ i dont know the address to contact them help
  • james l.
    I got my contract phone in August and, when I sit on my sofa I look at my phone and no signal!!! And the internet is pure fuckin shit!! Thinking of just cutting all ties with them and move house!!
  • david d.
    All i would like to say is, these mobile phone companies are using legal scams to rob the honest people out of their money, just like the banks and the goverment. legal scams. they all make me sick to the stomach.
  • naj
    hiya im with tmobile for 2yrs not my contract just finish new one and got my daughter bb with them too now i got 2 contract with them im very disppointted with the service ,my daughter bb was faulty keep switch off and freeze but itself this is the second time i send for repaired i been told it's take 5 attempt for them to give me new handset ,just having enought of this wanted to cancel both my contract and also should i be getting charge vat should it be include with my bill. can you please advice thx you
  • Justine
    Hi, two days ago started up a new contract (sim only), but have now found much more better deals,including new phone, am I able to cancel this contract without fear of cancellation fees?
  • Barbie
    Hi...I am having big problems with T-mobile too. Took contract out in Oct 2012 and had hassle ever since. The phone worked for about 2 months and then kept going off network every day and eventually for the whole day. Phone was sent for repair which took one month before they said it was not repairable and sent me a new phone. In the meantime I receive this crazy bill taking £239 from my bank account. I cancelled direct debit and have disputed the bill as there are calls that I have not made. I have still paid my £21 line rental per month. They are bullying me to pay this bill with threats etc. The customer services are so rude. I don't know if they are breaching their contract but I feel so strongly about this I would go to jail. I despair!
  • Jabby X.
    i have an i fone 4s and my contract has expired how do i cancel my contract i have rung and rung t- mobile but they just wont have it i have complained about my low network coverage and charging for extra calls. i have told that i want to cancel but still no reply.
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  • Lisa
    Please note that T Mobile will not accept a letter to end contract , as I found out. You have to ring them , then they try and change your mind .
  • Ed
    Took out a T-Mobile/EE/Orange SIM only contract 2 days ago. Unlimited everything - seemed good... Shop checked my handset was OK, demonstrated (the really fast) mobile internet service, checked my area for coverage - all perfect. Signed contract. Went a few hundred metres from the store - no internet, shortly later flaky calls and long long delay in texts. Go to store today - nop! must call 150 to cancel. Call 150 .. Nop!! must go to the store. Each insists only the other has the authority to cancel the contract. Each insists they have no way to cancel the contract. So... 2 days into a 12 month SIM only contract and a service that basically does not exist in any meaningful sense. Promised I would be contacted today... NO!!! Store reset handset (so they say). Demonstrated (again) in-store perfect reception etc.. AGAIN, I leave store and walk a couple of hundred metres... phone is useless - it will not acknowledge internet connections are possible on T-Mobile. I have now realised that this is probably a con. The demonstrated high speed mobile internet and the death of the same when over 100m from the store. The demonstrated in-store wi-fi/fibre and palmed it off as their mobile internet. Fraud is that is the case. I do not trust EE/T-Mobile/Orange in the least now. They have absolutely no customer support - in-store, online or on the phone. They come across as the most crooked, money grabbing, manipulative and dishonest company I have ever had the misfortune to come across. To crown it all they threaten to destroy my credit rating if I stop the direct debit. As for have to ring them to cancel - Nop!!! They say they do not have the capability to terminate a contract on the phone. So... join this network and pay forever. AVOID T-MOBILE/ORANGE/EE AVOID AVOID AVOID -- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
  • JC
    This is hilarious! How you think sending a generic template will get you out your contract is beyond me! Get a grip and stop being so pathetic. These templates do not work and you will be referred to third party adjudicators. Save yourself some time and just don't bother!
  • Sara
    Having just wasted 30 minutes of my life, attempting to cancel my contract (which incidentally ended on 17th April!) with T-mobile, i find myself frustrated and angry in equal measure. Having been bombarded with mixed messages and inconsistent advice, it is seemingly impossible for their customer service Agents to provide a clear answer to my questions which were: (i) How do i close by account (ii) what is the value of any outstanding balance on the account given that the mobile number has not been used for 6 months and (iii) can i make payment in full to clear the account. The company is a joke. I for one will never be doing business with them again, and intend to discredit them at every opportunity. Many thanks for you succinct advice, which i will be following to the letter.
  • Sukhbir s.
    Cancel my contrect [edit, to remove phone number] - Editors not. Dearest Sukhbir - we can't cancel your contract as we're a website, not a phone company.
  • Valarie
    (Not to mention it can help you catch some stupid mistakes in this regard. I have had no problems at all with it so do not worry about virus'. See, back in early 2000s, it was very common to see 250MB or 500MB of RAM on a machine, Windows Vista required at least 2GB of RAM.
  • Peter S.
    I have been with T mobile for about 20 years now, when it was T mobile I had a few problems but the staff at T mobile were very good and always managed to get things sort out but since EE appeared and took over T mobile the Customer Service is dreadful. The last 4 years T mobile (they kept saying they were T mobile) decided to give me a Loyalty contract price of £5.75 per month for 100 mins and 1oo txts (yes I know my mins and txts offered we not that good) as I am not a big user of the mobile the so called special price suited me. I was told the a couple of months ago the price was going to be increase by 2 - 3 % but I am finding the price has not gone up by this amount my last 2 bills have come in at £20+ even someone without a degree in maths can see if the increase say at 3% only comes to £5.92. I rang T Mobil who I had my contract for two reasons 1/ the cost increase and 2 the signal where I live has now become a joke I am finding I have to a/ go into the garden or b/ walk to the corner of our road to a signal yet they have told me I could not cancel the contract without occurring penalties and sent be the following e mail: Thank you for your letter received regarding the above EE account. Please accept my apologies that you have had to write in; nevertheless I'm glad that you have taken the time to let me know about the issues you've had. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise that you feel you may have to leave when your agreement comes to an end. I am going to feed this back to the relevant areas of the business for future improvement. I see the end of your agreement is 24 April 2015, you can speak to our upgrades team though at this time and they will advise you of the best deals at that time. I do hope they can offer you something you would be happy to accept. I trust the above is of assistance. Leigh Hemingway Customer Relations Now by what they telling me I cannot get out of this contract until 24th April 2015 is this correct? If this is so I for one will be canceling my contact and I will join another company that allows me to ring mobiles overseas at the rate of 6 p a minute and landline's at 7 p a minute with free no limit txt messages and the best thing my in laws who happen to live in the Philippines and my sister in law USA. will be able to ring me using the same number at the same rate as I will paying
  • Barbara L.
    My contract with T-Mobile ended (or so I thought after going into the T-Mobile store and paying the clerk) My contract date was completed. I had tried to cancel earlier but they told me I had this contract and had to wait until August 17, 2014. Paying for months until the date came, I went directly to the store! Guess what? I just received another bill!!!!! Hope someone can find the answer. Barbara
  • magdalena
    Hi, I would like to ask for some advise. I have contract with t-mobile which supposed to terminate 18th of december. I've called them on 17th of November to cancel and keep this number as pay as you go one. Apparently I went away fir Christmas and didn't pay my bill on time. I paid everything on January and switched off my phone as I believed everything is sorted. Apparently got another bill on Feb that I paid too much and they will deduct this from another bill. After another phone call they told me my contract is still on because I didn't pay on time and they cancelled my cancellation. The only one thing they can do is give me now 30 days notice before leaving provider. I feel it is very weird and I'm not sure what to do now?
  • How b.
    [...] Want to cancel your T-mobile … – 16.09.2009  · Posted by steve • September 18, 2011 at 5:35 pm Hi guys, Ive been having loads of connection problems with t mobile since the merged with … [...]
  • test
    lookie here
  • z z.
    I want to cancel my contral

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