Walmart take a gamble on potty training

We all have hopes and dreams for our children, but how many will grow up to become alcoholic, drug-addled gambling addicts, pouring quarters into Vegas slots and betting their kidneys against the house on the Blackjack tables? It's a frightening, if not an entirely made-up thought, but one made all the more probable by Walmart.

Yes, why not start them young by teaching them about craps while they're having one? Alright so it's a slot machine. It's the Jack Potty, which "triggers lights and sounds for fun and encouragement" when it detects "a deposit":

Now there's no need whatsoever to interact with your child; simply let them develop their near-fetal social abilities with a slot machine. The product reviews are also a little worrying, with parents going a step too far to prevent bathroom accidents:

"Although my son has yet to go to the bathroom in this, I say it's just ok. The guard always falls off. So if you have a boy, I'd still shop around. I'm considering super gluing the thing on."

Permanently fixing your child to a toilet seat does seem a little excessive, but at least it'd free up a bedroom in the house.

[The Consumerist]


  • The B.
    It brings a whole new meaning to "The Golden Nugget".
  • Anna
    It’s the Jack Potty, which “triggers lights and sounds for fun and encouragement” when it detects “a deposit” That actually just made me cackle out loud. Really loud.
  • Anna
    P.s. Link to consumerist is broken.
  • Paul S.
    All fixed. Thanks Anna!

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