Walmart punters dying to snap up bargain coffins


Over in the US, the People Of Walmart site has proved to be a huge hit, allowing people to sneer at candid photos of customers of that mega-supermarket. The kind of people who are lacking in the necessary skills required to dress themselves sensibly or have acceptable hairstyles or a reasonable body mass index.

There’s a chance that Walmart bosses have seen the site and have realised that a heft percentage of their punters are walking corpses. Wisely, they’ve decided to be proactive and are now selling coffins and urns via the internet.

Walmart’s dying clientele can order a coffin costing anywhere from roughly £650 up to £2,000 and have it delivered within 48 hours, either to their own house/trailer or the funeral home of their choice.

It is unknown if Walmart’s UK stores, Asda, will be following suit and flogging coffins over here. Offering walking talking versions of their spooky butler as pallbearers could be a serious moneymaker though…

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