Walkers bringing back old favourites... but only one stays

While we wait for someone to bring back hedgehog flavoured crisps, and hopefully the Barry McGuigan endorsed 'Barry's Jabs', Walkers are looking back into their flavour annals and some old favourites are set to return.

And don't be thinking 'is this news?', because crisps are one of the most important things on the planets and we'll fight anyone who says otherwise, we really will.

So what are Walkers bringing back?


As you can see, they're showing off the retro range which includes the barbecue, beef and onion, toasted cheese, lamb & mint, and cheese & chive flavours.

As ever, it'll go to a public vote and only one flavour will be back for good. If you need more incentive to get beyond your voter apathy, you could win £100,000 by voting. You can check it all out here.

You've got 'til November to cast a vote in something that is a million times more important than the Labour leadership race. Oh, and other good news is that Walkers' Marmite flavour is being brought back permanently, which is excellent news for anyone who knows how amazing Marmite crisps are on a cheese butty.

Anyway, for anyone who thinks this is an advertorial - which it isn't - we'd like to be on record as saying that Seabrook Crisps are absolutely superior to Walkers in every single way and if they want to send us a box of Canadian Ham flavoured crisps, we'll eat them until our hearts explode with fat.


  • Russell B.
    Around here we do Lancashire crisps with 8 flavours including Lancashire sauce flavour, black pudding and no flavour . And they are definitely better than kettle crisps. Any way bring back the lamb and mint .
  • Han S.
    Bring back Tudor Spring Onion, worth climbing a mountain for
  • Peter T.
    Wot, no Sausage & Tomato?
  • Aggghdam
    Where are the spicy tomato Wotsits.....?
  • IknowWhoYouAre
    XL Cheese Crisps. Contest over.
  • Father J.
    As log as they don't bring back that Lineker cunt it's all good with me.

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