Walk your bride up the (frozen fish) aisle

11 August 2011

As ever in these circumstances, difficult to know what to say. Since Tesco and other major supermarkets have just been walloped with massive fines for price-fixing, it's probably on their minds to make a few quid from it in the UK. Quick service in the car park, over the road to KFC for the buffet. Sorted.


  • Alexis
    I think 99% of the people in the video are obese
  • Dick
    Then a ram raid to finish.
  • The B.
    I wouldn't ram raid that, up the aisle or otherwise.
  • Ace
    Fat cunts! I Hate fat cunts! Fatty fatty fat cunts!
  • Fat A.
    "I think 99% of the people in the video are obese" Or "American" as they are also known.

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