Wait no longer - it's the Adolf Hitler commemorative plate?

Bitterwallet - Adolf Hitler commemorative plate Unimpressive tankards to celebrate the Coalition government are one thing. Tawdry Michael Jackson chinaware is another. But this takes commemorative tat to a whole new level of wrong.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Emma claims she was looking for something entirely different on Live Auction World, when she found this. Bids are currently at $275, so you've no time to lose - if you're a Father Ted fan looking to recreate Father Seamus Fitzpatrick's collection of memorabilia, that is.

In case you're interested, although we're reasonably certain you're not:

'Marked on the rear with "EXCLUSIV/ PORZELLAN/ SELB/ BAVARIA" in green under a pair of lions holding a crown over a pair of roses, this 9 3/4" wide white porcelain plate is decorated in the center with a polychrome portrait of Hitler, surrounded by 3 gold bands.

'Running around the edge is "DU GABST DEM FUHRER DEIM JA" in block letters along the top and "nun steh zu deinem Wort!" along the bottom in Germanic script, translated roughly as "You gave yours to the Fuhrer, now stand by your word!".

'The rear of the plate is fitted with a hanging ring, and the plate itself is set into a glass covered black wood frame with red matting.'


  • Rabid F.
    I'll think I'll wait for the Mary Bail collection.
  • Paul
    Commemorative plates make excellent serving plates for dinner parties. Take away the sandwiches and reveal Princess Diana! If there's any ham left you can give her a cheeky moustache, too.
  • PokeHerPete
    This will look great next to my copy of Mein Kampf.
  • Jimbob
    There's shit loads of this sort of stuff that was produced in Nazi Germany between 33-45. And a lot of it is collectable. As a kid I had an old stamp with Hitler's head on it, doesn't make you a Nazi.
  • Nobby
    We have a Paul and Linda McCartney plate that we often use as a meat platter.
  • The B.
    We have a commemorative table celebrating Paul McCartneys wedding to Heather Mills, you can't use it for much as it's only got 3 legs.
  • Felacio N.
    A great man.

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