VUE Cinemas ask you to respect neighbours, not photographers

Avid Bitterwallet reader Simon went to his local VUE Cinema in Westfields at the weekend to see Iron Man 2 (BW's exclusive 20 word review - difficult sequel turns out the right side of mediocre after a weak first third, and Scarlett Johansson would get it) and was subjected to the usual cinematic brainwashing in the form of the pre-trailer slideshow. Then he spotted this:

Bitterwallet - VUE iStockPhoto fail

Oh dear, somebody left the watermarked iStockPhoto image in the design. And then projected it before however many showings, in however many screens, in however many cinemas. Simon tackled VUE Cinemas about the copyright breach on Twitter and, obviously, it was all a big misunderstanding:

Bitterwallet - VUE Cinema fail on Twitter


  • Nobby
    Send them this picture (without paying for it) ... Although, surely the police should be raiding the Simon's house under terrorism laws. You are not allowed to take photos in the cinema, as this funds drugs, prostitution and terrorism.
  • Nobby
    Oops, "the Simon", what a grammar twat I am.
  • Simon W.
    I quite like the Simon. I'll let you off. I did wonder about taking a photo of it as well, as it's frowned upon. But my iPhone doesn't have a big red light which they use their night vision technology on, to look out for people using such devices to fund terrorism. So I figured I'd be in the clear :)
  • Get j.
    OMG you've taken a photo of the iphoto photo, did you pay for it? Or is it ok to do that, some kinda loophole? Also we shouldn't really be condoning terrorism as Nobby points out.
  • Nobby
    Simon Wicks. Was the cinema in Walford? Oh no, I just checked wikipedia, he's in New Zealand.
  • David
    are all readers "avid" ?
  • Amanda H.
    Thanks, This is the best Iron Man Cam I've seen yet.
  • parpparp
    "are all readers 'avid'"? Rabid perhaps.
  • Noghar
    They'd got rid of it by Sunday, or I'm sure I would have seen it when I went to see Prince of Persia. (You want my exclusive twenty word review of that? Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap Gemma Atherton phwoarr when she doesn't talk crap crap crap.)
  • JJ
    Yawn, how about a decent story ?
  • Adam
    The last 3d film i watched was in Prestons ODEON Cinema to see AVATAR 3D The triler i got before th efilm started was the black "Windows XP home edition screensaver". Which is i thought XP HOME was not for commercial use?
  • Nobby
    Was it certified to Swiss Energy Laws?

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