VOTE: your favourite UK supermarket?

We recently shared news that Sainsburys has drawn in new budget consumers for grocery shopping, in view of their bargains. Some of your comments include:

Lam: "Its getting cheaper for sure. I was in this morning and they have 100’s of thiings for just £1.00 like Head&Shoulders shamoos [shampoos] and conditioners - Aquafresh Toothbrushes - Aquafresh Mouthwash - all Loyd Grossman pasta sauces - Cadbury Bournville Rum&Rasin 180g chocolate - Premier deli chorizo - to name just a few things I got for my Nan.Think Asda advetising 7000 items for £1 has made all the other stores start dropping theirs to a quid."

Shaune: "The supermarkets are probably the only companies who’ll survive the credit crunch. Other than on-line merchants that is."

Anita: "Waitrose and Sainsburys are the only places I shop, ASDA’s not that bad, Morissons have terrible food and Tesco, well frankly I’ve yet to encounter one that doesn’t scare the bejesus out of me, horrible shop, horrible staff and vile punters."

veedubjai: "Supermarkets will ALWAYS survive in the long term because everyone has to eat whether its Boom or Bust."

But in the recession, it's not competition. It's WAR. And who's winning the supermarket race right now, and why? Put in your vote and share your thoughts on the best/worst supermarket in the comments below.


  • Ian
    What about including Aldi in the vote?
  • chrisg.
  • Vince V.
    hey guys, good point. I'm going to update the poll to include them. cheers!
  • Nigel
    I had to say Tescos purely for their generosity through the r+r era.
  • Noel L.
    Come on!! get up to speed...Somerfield is no is the co-operative...add them too
  • dan m.
    the corner value
  • dan m.
    errrm no..noel
  • Will
    Tesco easy peasy. Waitrose come in second.
  • SJT
    Tesco, but I'm finding a new love for Lidl now our local has opened up.... Never thought I would say that!
  • The B.
    Waitrose followed by Sainsburys, I'd shop anywhere not called Tesco though, it's like some big chav dole centre. Incidentally the article quotes "shamoos"??? Wasn't Shamoo a a killer whale at Seaworld during the 80's?
  • Matt
    How can you even have a favourite? They're all as bad as each other! You just go to whichever one happens to be closest to you, as it's convenient.
  • sensible e.
    or don't go to any, and buy decent quality food elsewhere.
  • Amanda H.
    Where KFC?
  • Jacob
    Well, Tesco's the cheapeast if you know what you want.
  • bidrick
  • nic555
    Although Lidl dont actually do the best deals, I go for the comedy factor. I live the fact J20 is called J+. And the marketing genius of `Stimulation Drink`, the caffine based.. erm.. stimulation drink.
  • Mister
    These polls are to be taken light-heartedly. They, like all polls, are subjective because only those who give a shite bother to vote. The fact of the matter remains, in that £1 in every £60 spent is spent at a Tesco store here in the UK. Fairly obvious who's the favourite, regardless of the poll really.
  • Gus
    That poll is pointless. I have an Asda in the corner and despite hating going there I will not chase another supermarket just for the sake preference.
  • MattS
    I'm a tesco man, although there aren't any proper stores near me, just a metro near work. I have a somerfield just across the road, but I refuse to go there. I've seen 4-5 of the staff there cough and splutter all over the food when they are stacking the shelves, including the pastries etc that weren't covered. And one day I saw one of them cleaning the tills, half way through she starting rubbing her bare (and not too clean looking) feet, and then went promptly back to 'cleaning' the tills where you put your food down. Just the thought of eating food from there makes me feel sick.
  • MD
    How on EARTH is Tesco one of the front runners? Absolutely shocking supermarket- fruit and vegetables either unavailable or semi-rotten very often in my local, abysmal customer service. If at the budget end, would much rather ASDA, although far from wild about that either. Personally, I would definitely rather pay a bit more for the vastly superior quality of Waitrose (and fantastic service from Ocado). I'd give second to Sainsburys.
  • magicbeans
    cant deicde between tesco and tescos clubcard but like asda's pizza counter etc..... plus better kiddy clothes on asda.... just swings it!
  • Matt S.
    I do my main shop at either ASDA or Tesco, depends where I'm currently living, right now it's ASDA because it's much closer and more convenient, but I might be moving next to a tescos in a few weeks. But I like to occasionally go to a different supermarket to stock up on certain things you can't get other places. Like Morissons do nice waffles, I like Kellogs start, which ASDA has, I don't think tesco does, Sainsburys have the white bread cracked rolls. and I love the cheese slices from Lidl. Morissons I think is the nicest shopping experience, I like how it's all laid out with their pretend little shops, and wide aisle with little tables of special offers in them. They must be one of the more effective supermarkets for shifting stuff on special. anyway this food talk has made me hungry, mmmm tiger bread, ASDA it is :)
  • Madhu
    ASDA is the best ,Quality ,Prices very low Always maintains good rollbacks..........Among all the supermarkets asda is the best then comes TESCO..........................we miss Asda a lot in east ham............its a bit far from this place ,its in Beckton...............nyways v go to Asda only how evr far it may be,I dont undstand how do asda ppl maintain such a good rollbacks ,it gives a rollback to each and everyitem,this is very helpful to every1
  • T H.
    Morrisons has the best deals now, you omly have to look at Hot Deals to see that, they are taking over the place, not much from asda etc!
  • James R.
    This has to be the most stupid waste of time question ".......your favourite UK supermarket?" What you should ask is "......out of all the scum bag thieving bastard supermarkets, which do you tolerate enough to visit at least once a week....?" "..Favourite" is like suggesting that we actually like visiting these time vampire crap holes.
  • Andy D.
    Vince, can we get the name of this piece changed to 'VOTE: your favourite time vampire crap hole?' PLEASE????
  • tino
    For all the supermarket haters out there.... Most supermarket's profit margin (that's their profit after all the expenses) is around 5%. So they are not making that much money. I know a lot of other business who make a lot more than that. Well.. RBS make a lot less money than ASDA, but that's totally different story altogether :)
  • Mike H.
    Sorry, I don't seem to be able to find the "Non of these fucking robbing wankers!" button, please advise?

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