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The last time we asked you to vote for us in The Shorty Awards, next to none of you did. We assume this is because a) you think we're dicks, b) you think this website is a waste of your life force, c) you'd like to see us all thrown on a big bonfire, or d) all the above.

Well, today we're trying a different tactic, one favoured by the advertising fraternity; we'll attempt to create an emotional association between yourself and the act of voting for Bitterwallet, one that will compel you to take action.

Therefore, we'd like to suggest you click on the big, friendly button on the right because you'll feel more confident about yourself, your relationships and your career prospects as a result. There's also a really good chance you'll get wanked off by a stranger in a bush. Man or woman, can't promise anything.

Smashing. Off you go, then. If you're on Twitter then click on the button above or this link vote for us. You'll need to give a reason for the vote to be eligible - we'd appreciate it you said something nice, but recognise Rome wasn't built in a day and all that.


  • Michael O.
    Get stuffed, losers.
  • foxes
    "because... they bum foxes"
  • Snowball
    I'll vote for you, but only if you promise not to do any more of those stupid TRUE OR FALSE deals-roundup posts this year. They are both wank and gay, and bring this site down.
  • Chave o.
    Vote for you guys, for spouting a load of crap everyday, I take the other option on throw you on the bonfire please, you bunch of doggers
  • The B.
    Who's bush is it?
  • LeftHook
    "Who’s bush is it?" Yours

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