Volvic get the decorators in

Everyone! Volvic is having a redesign!

The Danone owned company have unveiled a new look for its complete range of water fluids and because water needs advertising, it will be relaunched with a £1 million pound campaign across press, TV and online.


The blue labelling has now been abandoned in favour of a more pleasing green redrawn volcano.

It is said the redesign will help distinguish Volvic from the rest of the water market. And taps.

Alastair Strang, who is all brand lead for Volvic said, "We are thrilled to be bringing this new look for Volvic to British consumers. Consumer testing has shown us that this fresh new look differentiates Volvic from its competitors and has a much stronger stand-out on shelf."

It's all a bit Peckham Spring water to us.

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  • an c.
    So have they said how much the price will be going up with this new design?

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