Vodafone: Now in HD

mobile Vodafone have gone HD!

The UK endz of the Vodafone operation have announced nationwide availability of the service, which is part of a massive spending and investment spree totalling ONE BILLION POUNDS.

Depending on your network capacity, phones with it in will automatically switch to HD voice (although both callers need it in order to have an effect).

In a statement, Fergal Kelly, Vodafone UK's technology director, said: "Our HD voice brings our best call quality to our customers."

"It is another important step towards our commitment to deliver our strongest ever network to the U.K."

Vodafone's eventual catch-up in this area follows Orange (September 2010) and 3UK (May 2011). However O2 haven't got around to it all. It only works on the 3G network too, so if you're 4G, you'll roll back to 3G when you make a voice call.

So there you have it. HD phone calls. Great news for those who want absolute clarity when they're breathing heavily down the line to their ex-wife who left them for a karate instructor.

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  • Will L.
    I had honestly never heard of HD voice. I'm a bit behind apparently! P.S. I came to see that guy rockin' the purple! lol.

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